Midlands Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to give in to peer pressure. I need to be who I was made to be. There are many expectations in high school, there always will be. I will never be perfect, not now, not then, and not ever. I will always be too fat to thin too short or too tall. I can't always live up to other people's expectations, sometimes, I can't even live up to my own. Some of the friends that I thought I had would use me for their own problems and run when I needed help. It was then that I realized who my true friends were. There is so much temptation in high school, to do drugs, to party, or to cheat. Pretty much to do anything except the right thing. For a while I struggled, I did what I was told to do with no questions asked. It took some time to realize what I was getting myself into. I knew a couple people who got in trouble. That was when I realized that it just was not worth it. I would say that even though it is difficult, it can be done.


applie to every scholarship you can find and push yourself harder on SAT and ACT.


i would tell myself that it is not that hard to acomplish. that i am going to need this college education to get my family through some rough spells and that college will help my childrens lives better. i would tell myself to wait to have children until i am done with college and in a steady job , to make sure i will be able to give my children everything they deserve. and not to put of registering for classes because they fill up fast.


If I could go back in time and talk with myself in high school, I would tell myself that enrolling in college right after high school is the best way to go. Taking a little break after high school makes it very difficult to motivate yourself to get back into school and study mode. Just like the saying, "if you don't use it, you lose it". Some may forget things learned in high school and find it more difficult adjusting in the college life.


Firstly, I will tell myself that All Things Are Possible and never doubt. I will tell myself that I could achieve anything that I want if I can only believe, because the Sky is the Limit! I will also tell myself that it does not matter who I am, what my background is, where I came from, what I have been though and how long It will take for me to get a degree, I will get what I am looking and hoping for. Even if it means going to school part-time or takes 5 plus years, I will get a degree some way or another. I will also encourage myself and not wait for others to encourage me, because college is the best way to go with the way the economy is today. I can get it, If I can only Believe It!


The advice I would give myself is no matter where you go to school at keep in mind your goals, dreams, and stay motivated.


If I could return to Spring Valley High School and advice myself I would be sure to remind myself that this was the last year and t most important year and that it would my last year to somewhat "relax." I do not think that I would try and convince myself to go to another college, I think my goal would be to tell myself to be more motivated and more driven. To try and understand that what I do everyday of my life affects, what happens later on in life. I would just want to tell myself to be productive always, and to do things that prove to everyone around me that I deserve to be given chances, and that I am a valuble risk to take. When a college accepts you they are taking a risk, and you have to do your best to prove to them that the risk they took was the smartest thing they have ever done. I just would like for my previors self to know that, all those late nights, and days sleep walking trhough school will be worth it soon enough.


I would tell myself to value your freetime and to be more confidence and that if you apply yourself you can do anything. I would tell myself to not worry about college because it as scary as you think it would be.


I would say learn how to study now because it will be a hard time trying to study and you dont know how to.