Midwestern State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Midwestern State University is best known for two things; it's diversity represented among its students, and the independent one-on-one time each and every student is offered when attending the school. Although the school is small in size, it makes up for it with a huge heart. A heart that is of course composed by the faculty and professors that dedicate themselves to the students who they come across each and everyday. Students from all over the world attend this wonderful establishment, and are helped transition into the world of higher education. Nothing beats a school that cares.


We are a small, laid-back set of students who always find something to do to occpy our time in the sub-urban we live in. Our numbers are small, just over three thousand, but we a diverse student body from as close as Jamaica to as far as Vietnam. Believe or not, we are one of the top universities in Texas desipte being just a state niversity.


The school has kept the same architectural style of buildings throughout many years and throughout updates, remodels, and additions.


Liberal Arts


Midwestern State University is best known for wanting their students to succeed in all future endevors including the completion of a four year degree.


It's a smaller "liberal arts" college, so there isn't much it's distinctive for. Cheaper tuition, as I mentioned before, is a big draw, but there aren't any famous alumni or the like.


Midwestern is well known for rigorous mathematics and science programs. Also, we are a well-known liberal arts college. We are a medium-sized school, but we have promising academic programs and helpful professors.


Midwestern State University is best known for supporting all kinds of art, whether it be to urge fellow students and the community to come see the Theatre Departments shows, or bringing in guest sculptors for the Visual Arts students. One of the most attractive buildings in MSU is in fact the Wichita Falls Museum of Art, which is located at MSU which is the home to many of the visual art students own work, just like the Fain Fine Arts building itself, which is littered with pictures of Theatrical productions and masterpieces crafted by other art students.


My school is best known for providing the best education per dollar spent on tuition. My school is known for trying to keep costs low and providing all activities for free.


Probably for our Nursing Program. I have a lot of friends in this program and according to them, it's amazing.