Midwestern State University Top Questions

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As a student, one of the most important thing that we look for is "privacy", or a place we can call our own, and make it feel like our home away from home. Midwestern State University offers each and every one of their students a semi-private room, where you still have a roomate(s), but you don't necessarily sleep facing each other so to speak. The most importand thing to them is their housing acccomodations, because they want all of their students to feel safe, welcomed, and at home. It is what essentially makes us all a family.


It's moderately cheap and it was where I was living at the time. So, a smaller town with cheap tuition was the draw, just so I could get through my undergraduate work.


Midwestern is a small campus that allows students to have a more personal relationship with their professors. All the administrators are friendly and willing to help you succeed in whatever way they can


The advisors in my athletic training major are less like professors you never get to know, and more like a big family. They will help you with any problems you may be having, whether it concern athletic training or even a personal problem, they are always there to help along with the students in athletic training. We are a family and I have already become apart of the family in just one semester. Midwestern States faculty as a whole compared to other universities I visited are more personalized and dont just see you as just another student. I love Midwestern.


Close knit family atmospere and the only liberal arts college or university in the sate of Texas


This school has a very diverse population. We have students here from various parts of the world. The people are extremely friendly and it is a great place to learn about other cultures. This school also provides a high level of education at a discounted tuition.


The class size and our teachers. We have fairly small class sizes compared to so many school. Our teachers get to know you if you let them and are for the most part very caring and fun!


MSU is the only school i applied for


It's small and has small classes.