Midwestern State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Parking is a nightmare, especially for off-campus students. On-campus students have specific parking lots for their cars, but they still insist on taking up spaces specified for off-campus students. Sometimes this is because they don't want to walk to class, sometimes because they can't find a close enough space. Whatever the case, they take spaces that off-campus students need, because if they can't park then they can't go to class.


The weather in the city.


When I sought financial aid for a study abroad program, I felt that the financial aid secretary was not completely helpful in getting me what I needed. She seemed more annoyed than enthusiastic about having to help me. I wish she would have been more facilitating!


The parking was the most frustrating thing.


Finding parking on campus for classes between 9am and 12 noon

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