Midwestern State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I will most likely tell them about the free things you get throughout the school year. Through the year, the school have many activities were you can get free stuff from, like t-shirts. If they want any MSU t-shirts, they would not have to go to the bookstore to get unless they just want to because you will come across so many oppurtunities to get free shirts. I barely bought any shirts from the bookstore but at the end of the year I came home with so many MSU shirts.


Most of the teachers are really great, the classes are usually really interesting and engaging. The class sizes are nice as well.


We get longer breaks when it comes to holidays. But at the same time the professors manage to get every piece of information needed into the classroom to better our education.


Midwestern is a great school there is nothing better. Location is great. Size of the school is great. People are very friendly and helpful. The education is nothing less than you would ever ask for.


The networking and job oppurtunities I have found here.


The thing I brag most about is the many resources we have for when graduate. The school. is willing to help us with our resumes and help the graduates find a job.


I tell them it is a great university to attend and there are a lot of activities to do on campus.


The business college. It's wonderful. It's brand new. The business program is great too. Lots of people talk about how good it is. It makes me proud to be a business student there.