Midwestern State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Midwestern State University? Why?


Needs bigger or more parking lots.


There isn't really any bad characteristic about my school, but if I had to choose something it would be that the opportunities to travel abroad are somewhat limited. My major is biology, so naturally I would want to sign up for an international program that addresses my field of study. My college does not offer any programs specifically for science majors, so I would not benefit much from any of the travelling abroad courses besides taking part in the experience of studying in another country.


They send out emails to notify us of different things going on at campus but I don't ever see flyers or hear any more on what is going on at campus.


I don't like the teaching habits of the T.A.'s (teaching assistants). Many, not all , are not concerned with teaching the students properly. I believe that when I come to class, I am there to learn what you have to teach me. If I take the time to come to class, if you're the teacher, then I believe that you should take the time to teach me what I need to learn.


There are rules about smoking on campus that are not enforced. I don't enjoy walking out of a building and into a cloud of smoke.


Sometimes there is nothing to do. A lot of places close early and everyone knows that college students are up late. The location can be rough too being that I had to drive for seven to eight hours to arrive. I wish that I could plant this school in San Antonio so that I could have finished my degree because it is just too far for the direction my path is headed - big places.


I think the worst thing about Midwestern State Univeristy is that things aren't finished when they say they will be like our new Wellness center that has been built took a year longer than when I was told it would be ready.


Midwestern State University does not have much school spirit. So if your looking for a school where the football games are crazy and everybody shows up, this is probably not the school you want.


There is not a whole lot of available parking on campus for people living off-campus.


There is nothing that bad about it except the parking . It's terrible. Some students literally have NO WHERE to park some days. They have to park at a church across the street not even owned by the school but they are nice enough to let us park there and walk.