Midwestern State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone with an open-mind who can look beyond the school's outer appaerance of dull and run-down to see the hidden jem of fun and excitement that lies underneath.


Someone who loves the small town and school atmosphere. The campus is beautiful, but it is small and the population is relatively low for a university. The best thing about the school is the low cost of tuition, even for out of state students.


Someone who likes a medium sized campus atmosphere in a community of 100,000 citizens should attend MSU. Non-traditional students are very welcomed and supported by classmates and faculty. Foreign students are widely accepted as well. Scholars excel and average students succeed. Faculty to student ratio is generally in the low category, barring core curriculum.


Any kind of person


I believe Midwestern State University is a good fit for anyone looking for a great education and a little variety to go along with it. There are many differenty activities and extracurricular events to fit almost any personality.


Someone looking for a great school at a decent price.


This is a great school for those who need to stay focused in school. Like every college, there are distractions. But the school size and location complements each other and most people go back home to Dallas for the weekend. This is a great school for students leaving home for the first time.


Someone who is seeking a medium sized school. The school is not too small to where it is no fun, but not big enough to where you never see the same person twice. The town has a very home feeling environment to it. The town only has a couple of good bar, so if your a huge partier this might not be your type of school.


One who is focused on Science related fields or art, or one who does not want to stay far from home.


Anyone is welcome at this school.


Someone who is serious about their studies and goals for the future but also likes to enjoy laugh. There is always a lot of laughter around campus. Also this is a great school for someone who may not have a lot of money to put towards tuition.