Midwestern State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school are the resources you have to make sure that you passs your classes. My school offers a lot of tutoring sessions. If you were struggling with a class and start going to the tutoring sessions at the beginning of the semester you can most likely finish out with a "A" or a high "B". The tutoring services are very helpful. The tutors helps you understand what you're doing so that when yo come across it again you will not have any problems with what you're doing.


The teachers here are amazing. You are able to tell that each one of them has a passion for what they are teaching and that they really know what they are talking about. There is also very easy acess to these teachers as the have long office hours spread out through the week.


The best thing about my school is the availablity of the professors. They are willing to give you their time and attention when you need it. If you ever need help they are willing to do everything they can to help you. They want you to pass.


I personally think the best thing about my school is the size of the campus and classes. I can easily walk to all of my classes, all the while enjoying the pretty view of the campus. The classes range from twenty to forty people; however, some of the basic classes have around eighty or ninety students.


The best thing about Midwestern is that not only do they provide you with a well rounded education (Liberal Arts School), it has a great workout/exercise wellness center.


I like the atmosphere at Midwestern State University. Everyone here, students, as well as faculty, are very upbeat and pleasant to be around. You can walk around campus and easily find a frinedly face and someone new and exciting to talk to. Another good feature is the atheletic program support. Student body and alumni are crazy about the success of our teams. Lastly I would like to tell you about the many cultural events put on by the school. each year there are numerous cultural heritage events designed to educate students in various cultures around the world.


I love that my schooling is on my own time. All the professors I have had have been great.


The size of the University is small which I like. You really get more one-on-one time with the instructors and I feel that is extremely helpful in a learning environment. You do not get lost in the shuffle of a larger classroom setting.


I appreciate the environment provided by my professors. They care about my personal success and are there to assist me in any way possible. All my professors thus far have made themselves available to answer questions that arise. They are also flexible when needed. It has made my transition much easier. The staff as a whole has shown their support for my education and continues to encourage me. As long as I show sincerity about my education they will as well.


The school is the perfect size for the transition between high school and college. At Midwestern, there are obviously more students in your graduating class than in high school, but the school is still small enough that no matter what time you stop by the dining hall, you'll have someone to sit with.


Active student body within the iniversity and community. This is due to the quality of experiance we raise in this organization for student life on and off campus.


It is a pretty campus.


The best thing about this school is the teacher to student ratio which is 1:19. The teachers are able to know you.


the people... because they are cool.


The many things that are available to students activites, places to get help if needed for learning and so. People can make the most out of the college in the way that they choose if there are many options available drawing in a more diverse student body.


It is a good sized school... Have a lot of friends but do not know everyone