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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Leaving High School and home is a very scary and exciting experince. First of all you meet many other people that share the same intrests as you. You dont have the distractions of high school and for the most part everyone is there to learn not to sleep or be the class clown... After all you and everyone else attending school is "paying" to be there. Remeber that this experence is money out of your pocket as well as Dad's so you need to take it seriously. Also bear in mind that you are on your own for the most part so doing your homework as well as cleaning your room is your job and no one is going to be there to remind you to do it. And remember when you would come home from school and Mom would have a beautiful roast in the crock pot? Those days are over! Its mac and cheese and hot dogs. Going to college is not only a learning experence on campus but a learning experence for life. You will learn how to manage your money, find a balance between responsibilities at school and work, and recreation. Hold on Tight!