Miles College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


be more more serious about what your doing now life i to short to try to play catch up. and remenber what u do now will shape your future. and keep god first andd stay on the right path .


I would of told myself to do better so i could have more scholarships to pay for room, board, books and tution.


Well, since I've just started I haven't gotten as much from my experience as say a junior would have but I've gained a new respect for my heritage and towards religion. Before I began school I didn't know half of what I know about the history of my race in America and Africa. I feel excited to learn more and since you can learn from the past maybe I can help make our lives here even better after learning about the great leaders of the past.If I learned from their mistakes and drew my own conclusions,I too could make a difference toward a better America.My world religion class opened my mind to the fact that all religions are essentially the same as far as concept, views about life, and the belief that there is only one supreme God. It made me feel closer to my savior Jesus and makes me feel that there were others like him sent to express the great love of Father God according to region and culture so all can be happy and blessed. I now believe education is the key to a better world.


I would tell myself to hurry up a get registered and be prepared to go make sure my business in the financial aid and business office registation is taken care of before it go. Make sure that I have a dorm room. Because there are alot of people other then myself that wants to attend that school.


I would say to myself to go to school online for your associates degree and then for my bachelors degree to go to a business school at night time. This way I will be able to work my full time job and I will also be gaining the experience by being a manager to complete my training for my career path. I would try to encourage myself more and I would have gotten myself into a college in June instead of October of 2008. This way I would have been able to graduate wth an Associates degree a couple months sooner.


If i could go back in time as a high school knowing what i know now about college life, I would have told myself to just be aware of the college expenses and the living arrangements away from home. I would also say be aware of your surroundings and the people you talk to because people can be really messy. I would say prepare yourself for the real world and dont be fooled by the stories others speak about college life.


I would tell myself to stay focused no matter what. When you are in high school you have mommy and daddy to tell you what to do and what not to do. In college you are on your own. If you want to be successful then you have to decide if your paper is more important than going to a party. I would also tell myself to be prepared for any and everything. College is not the 13th grade. Professors are not going to baby you. Its up to you to be responsible and act like an adult. Its time to grow up! Also beware of friends. Everyone who was nice to you on the first day of class is not your real friend. All you have to do is stay focused and keep your eye on the prize!


I would tell myself to study hard, pay attention, focus on you getting education and reaching your goals.In the worhs of Benjamin E. Mays, "Never Accept Mediocrity as a Goal." That is is a quote that every person should live by.


Do not just look at one college.


study hard, pay attention, and be on time for class!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would advise students who are seeking to further their education to make of list of their top schools. Do research on those schools and choose the best one based on their background- morals, beliefs, affordability, and comfortability.


Words of advice that I would give to a parent and/or student about finding the right college and making the most of their college experience, would be to do a great amount of research on the college they are interested in. In the research that the parent and/or student will be doing, it will behoove them to research all the qualities of the school that will be most beneficial to them. Some of the qualities that a parent and/or student should look for in a school are: tuition, room and board (if staying on campus), quality of the learning environment, learning resources, student to teacher ratio, safety of college campus as well as the area surrounding the college, percentage of graduates each year, and make sure that the major in which the parent and/ or student is seeking is offered at the school. If the major is offered, make sure that the professors teaching in that major are qualified to give the parent and/or student the best quality education available.


Giving advice is never a waste, but not recieving it is. Not going to class, not doing a term paper, and most of all not studying, now that's a waste. I would have to tell them to make sure that the college offers your field of choice. Make sure that the student-teacher ratio is something you can handle, and is that campus too big or small. I would tell them to make sure that the college meets their academic requirements, don't settle for who accepts you, go for the school that you know will help you, and if you do choose the first school that accepts you, make sure all of your credits will transfer. Choosing a school that won't contridict your personal life is never easy. If you research the school and take campus/classroom tours, you should be fine.


Embarking on the academic journey of higher learning, in my opinion, should be treated like the adoption process. College provides that real life experience in the absence of direct parental guidance. Parents know they have instilled strong values in their child, but they need to put their child in an institution that is conducive to maturation into adulthood. College campuses are more than sanctuaries of academia. The most important lessons learned by college students usually do not take place in the classroom. Parents need to do serious research on the universities they plan on releasing their children to for college. They need to be aware of on campus activities as well as what goes on in the area surrounding the institution. Parents give their lives investing in their children so they should be careful who they release their investment to. We live in a technologically savy society, students need to use their social networks to get inside information. Taking tours of campuses helps, but parents should know they are not seeing the true institution, but a superficial representation orchestrated for the sole purpose of getting your money. Research and communicating with current students is imperative to selecting the right college.


When deciding on a college, always do your research for this deciding factor is the platform for deciding what you want for your future.


Finding the right school depends on the students enviroment he or she is used to. Do not put a student in a fast paste school if they are not able to handel it. If the the school is much to slow and your child needs something more challengeing seek out that type of school. If you can help it make sure that you find out all finacial aid requirements before you enroll. It would probally be a good idea to go to the school and sit in for a week or so, do that once or twice before your child leaves high school. Maybe even set up somthing so your child could get the exsperience of attending college. One last thing try to find as much money for school as you can. Because having to work and attending school can be hard on a student, and can affect their GPA.


Parents should be involved with the students choice, but don't make the decision for them. The only way that your student will enjoy their college experience and make the most of it is if its their decision. But be sure to explore all options and speak with advisors at your highschool as well as at the colleges or universities that are being considered. Be sure they offer classes that are the right size that will be best for the student's learning style. Also be sure that the student's desired major and/ or minor are offered at that particular school.


Investigate, investigate, ivestigate your options.


The advice that I would share with parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to encourage the students to apply to every college that has majors that they have any kind of interest in. Then visit the college and take a tour. After the tour, just show up another day just to see what the campus is really like. Allow the student to sit in on a professor that they may take when attending the school to find out if they can learn from the professor. Most importantly, make sure that Financial Aid is applied for, admission requirements are complete, and the cost for school tuition and expenses are complete. In addition, attending college is different from highschool, so in order to be successful students must prioritize. Most importantly, if you're going to pay for your education, the least you can do is to make sure your professors are giving you the best beneficial education possible, and college is not all about work so have safe clean fun for a good balance.