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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dive into education as fast as you can. There's a whole love ahead of you that demands it.


The first advice that I would give myself is to: "Don't Give Up!". No matter how tough it may seem you should keep up with your education and get a degree. Even if you want to start a family, you want to be able to provide that family with the best that you can give and that starts with your education. Also, don't try to settle on a major immediately. You may burn yourself out on it even before you get started on it. Take your time and really explore all areas that may interest you, because you may change your mind down the road on what you really what to do in life. You may find out that you actually are better at and enjoy something entirely different. Get through your general studies first. Also, remember to always do your best. Don't just try to slide by even on your general studies or electives. Stay positive and keep an open mind.