Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are friendly and relaxed.


My classmates were very laid- back, and friendly people.


From what I remember nearly 30 years ago is that my classmates were typical students coming together to take classes, go Greek, and be jocks, just like all other students!


All the classmates that I got to know were educationally driven, highly motivated, and very dedicated to our school, that is every student had a specific goal in mind, worked energetically toward that goal, and in the end were highly successful professionals.


My classmates are a group of supportive people who are always there for help and who have become good friends of mine.


All my classmates are very friendly and helpful if I have any questions in need.


My classmates are very friendly, supportive, funny, and helpful. We work well together to complete assignments and fully understand the class lectures. I believe that having supportive classmates is one of the reasons I am successful at college. Having many different ideas makes understanding the material easier. Also, I enjoy going to class because I know I will get to see my friends there.


At college, my classmats are very focused on their studies. Everyone, including upper classmen, is extremely helpful with class suggestions, taking notes, and studying tips. I am especially close to my classmates within my major. We are all working toward a common goal and do not hesitate to help and guide each other.


My classmates are encouraging and push me to do my best in my classes.


The classmates that I have had in each class so far, have been (to really sum it up) unique. Because I go to a predominately white school, my classmates obviously share a different culture then I do, but most are very respectful of that, and they are not afraid to share their opinions on certain subjects and topics, so don't be afraid either!


Millersville students are very down to earth and this reflects the "laid-back" atmosphere of the campus. Most Millersville students are from the areas surrounding Lancaster and suburban Philadelphia. Many students are education majors but other popular majors are business and industrial technology. The typical Millersville student was probably a B student in high school. The school has a lot of students that commute and it is not isolated so there are also a lot of students that go home on the weekends. Students here look to succeed but also have a good time in college.


interesting, challenging, and loyal


There is a wide variety of students personalities in the classroom; there is a lot of diversity. I am friendly with most of the people in my classes but I only hang out with a certain group of friends.


My classmates do tend to be older versions of high school students who maintain cliques; although, some people do seem to have matured somewhat and do break these barriers and are willing to lend a hand to others.


My classmates are eager to learn and move on to the professional world.




My classmates are always friendly and happy to help.


Some of your classmates you will see year after year, class after class, and they'll become some of your best friends.


They are fun to be around and always doing something. Everyone is very friendly.


The students at Millersville University are the very open and accepting to all who attend and visit this school. We are what seems to be the perfect distance from home for alot of people, so the students that are seen walking the campus are a very diverse group. There are alot of students from every type of neighborhood; urban, suburban and rural, but to walk anywhere one would think that everyone grew up together. The students here are very open and willing to meet anyone.