Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Millersville University of Pennsylvania is known for people getting a degree in teaching.


My school is best known for being one of the best teaching schools in Pennsylvania and it is very competitive and a hard [rogram to get into. They have a very high standard of who they accept, which is a good thing since so many people want to be teachers now a days.




My schho is best known for Education


Our school is best known for our enthusiasm for our school and tradition


Teaching Degrees, and a pretty campus.


It's internship.


My school is best known for the intelligence of the professors who offer a world-class education that is important to ourselves, our families and our future. We are being prepared for the great technological changes in our world today. The men and women of the Millersville University faculty are scholars highly respected in their fields; approachable teachers and active mentors who engage their students in the classroom, the office, the research lab, and in the life of the campus. The faculty is thoroughly supported in its work by the staff and leadership team caring people of competence and integrity .


Millersville is well-known for its education programs. It was originally a teacher's college.


Millersville is best known for its small-town atmosphere and beautifully landscaped campus. The college is set within the Millersville community and provides everything a college student needs.


Millersville is best known for its education program and teaching degree. The program is very good and thorough.


Millersville University is known for its Education program, the two swans Miller and S'ville and that it is the number one state school in Pennsylvania. Millersville was also ranked number three in the nation for mens soccer for the 2009 season. Many people in Pennsylvania know of Millersville and are impressed by the school and all it has to offer.


Our school is best known for it's education program.


Having the best program for education in the state.


The school is best known for its Education program. Recognized as a great teaching school.


For our teaching program. It is a respectable school for up and coming teachers.


The quality of science and math programs are amazing. Also Millersville is known for a teaching school, it produces many highly qualified teachers in any field but esspecially science and math. Also lastly, own school swans... named Miller and Sville.


Education programs


dont get caught up in parties. study a ltitle each day to keep up. join clubs and/or sports teams.


My school is best know for teaching, and its great programs in teaching.


Being an excellent teaching school in Pennsylvania.


Liberal Arts.


Millersville Univeristy is best known for its teaching programs. This school began, like most of the other state schools, as a school strictly for teachers. The education programs are excellent and it is one of the main reasons I came to Millersville. Elementary education students begin field experience during their first semester and are in a hands-on environment during every one of their classes. The surrounding school districts are very welcoming to all the students. When Millersville University comes to mind it is most often in conjuction with its education programs.