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When I first visited Millersville, I noticed that it had a very welcoming feel. Many of the other schools I considered were nice, but they just wanted me to attend the school, they didn't actually feel very welcoming. Millersville also had avery nice sense of community and I didn't really get that feel from the other schools I considered.


The campus was very beautiful, with lots of trees and a lovely duck pond. The campus was very open, without feeling too spread out. It was a great balance.


I liked that Millersville is the number one state school when it comes to academic standing. The professors have the highest schooling in their respective fields. Millersville's class sizes are smaller so I can be treated as an individual. The campus itself is aesthetically pleasing and not too spread out. Millersville students and staff alike are friendly and helpful.


Millersville is small and has a very tight knit community that many other colleges in the area could not offer me. You meet a lot of people and build connections with your peers and professors that could help you in your career field after college.


Millersville University is located in Lancaster County, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It is in a small town just minutes from downtown Lancaster, Park City Mall, the Outlets, and the Susquehanna River. The University has an excellent Education program, as well as other majors. It has a great sports program, men and women's, and tons of stuff to do on and immediately off campus. There is a pond in the middle of campus that houses two swans and when it freezes enough, get the skates on! It is just a picture perfect campus!


Millersville is unique because everyone here is friendly. Unlike other campus's I visited, students at Millersville seem to want to meet new people all the time. The whole campus is one community that seems to always get along for the most part. The campus is also well diverse, and no one seems to have a problem with that. Everything on campus is also pretty close together and within walking distance which makes it more convenient.


Students are given many hands on experiences and the professors are very friendly/ helpful. Many professors are known worldwide even though Millersville is a divison two college. Millersvile is the top number one state university in Pennsylvania. I know of many students that did not get into Millersville.


Compared to other schools I considered, this is the only dry campus that I applied to. Since this is a state school it has to be a dry campus, which is something that I think benefits the school greatly because students seem to much more focused on their school work and less focused on partying. I attended a different college for one semester and that was not the case there and I would much rather prefer a dry campus now.


It was cost effective, rated very high for the cost. It was a full four year program, it has a lot of amenities. The truely unique thing about it is that MU is the only state university that prepares its food on campus in the state of PA, or so I've heard.


Millersville is ahead with technology with the other state schools in Pennsylvania. All of the dorms have wi-fi and each room has its separate A/C and heating unit. I went to three other state schools and none of them had these accomidations. Millersville also has made it easier for the handicapped to get into their dorms by havin a bar code on their wheelchair or other mobility device and havin a laser read it and this will open the door for them. I havent see anyother state school have that technology.


What is unique about Millersville University is they really try to get you involved with the University in all that they offer. Also there seems to be a sense of unity of the student body on campus.


For those considering an occupation in education, Millersville is one of the best universities for becoming prepared for such a job and being a reputable school to graduate from and list on a resume. The professors in the school of education are fantastic, professional, and will give you a rigorous and thorough education. For such an education, the cost of attendance is very reasonable. In addition, as a commuter myself, I appreciate that there are many commuters who attend Millersville.


I don't really know too much about other schools. I chose this school because I thought their music program looked really good, so applied to Millersville and I believe only two other schools that I didn't look into too much.


i tried to be as fair as possible but i really cant hold back on how badly this campus has treated me, and how much i literally became sick with it. this campus is soooo anti-social. i am a social person who gets along great with people. i had an excellent time with people in HACC, working at hershey park, radioshack, sprint wherever and always made friends. not changing one bit, i was excited to go to millersville because it was my first university and my first dorm experience. lets just say that was the worst idea i have ever thought. as soon as i got in the dorms in 8/2008 i met my roommate in gilbert hall and they have the men on the first and 3rd floor and the women in the 2nd floor. the guys were very clicky and not so open. alot of them had closed doors like everyone does, and its very christian but not christian in a good way, i mean the extreme dont stare at me cause its a sin christian. yes, Christianity does have some extremism in lancaster county, PA like muslims have it in iraq. so because they didnt socialize, i went downstairs to the girls to get to know them and introduce myself. being friendly and talking to the girls is a no-no to the campus. automatic harrassment and stalker fines from MUPD. also the campus has it publically known everywhere especially girls dorm halls about the statistics of rape and girls watch out for men and so on. that campus is very sexist with no equality of watching out for women or warnings for men. so back to my story, i had to go to court and was proven innocent. was threatened with a wrench and the school did nothing but gave him a warning and said boys will be boys. its now 1/2009 and give it a try again, move to a different dorm. hated it. very anti social people and now you have to be on guard with women, very clicky. its now 8/2009 and repeating calculus for the 3rd time at the campus because of inability to focus due to stress, school not willing to help me out, constant complaints, everything you can imagine is going wrong. this time i just dont care anymore. not talking to noone as friends and just gunna help out people. well turns out thats even bad. i said to one girl who barely showed up to class that if she needs notes im willing to give her notes, well she went to the equal affairs building and said im harrassing and stalking her and went to my professor who almost kicked me out. i pleaded my case and went to judicial and equality affairs and judicial found me innocent again, while equality just told me to stop talking to them. fair enough. but equal affairs has this one woman in there who is a bitch (this one-> deal with. and they arent equal at all unless your woman or black. MUPD deserves its own section. located in the lebanon house on george street in millersville, PA. everyone of those police officers are corrupt, 1 sided, and ticket hungry EXCEPT FOR SGT.officer melvin. every parking spot is checked from MUPD and will give you a ticket for parking. they check students myspace and facebook, and again doesnt care to hear what male students have to say. once i told MUPD about a student friend of mine that i felt was in danger and told me she was being chased by people. well they checked it alright, only 2 mins later to put 4 charges on me saying harrassing/stalking/disrupting peace/ and some other one. got everything on my facebook and questioned my other statuses. they called me once at 10.30pm and told me hey we got some good news for you, but we need your help. can you come to the station. and responded its late but fine and drove the hour to go to the station, only to be detained for 2 hours with no cause and charges held on me. **cking liars. later they found the girl made false accusations, and was found innocent all in all, i know it seems theres alot of things going on and seems wrong with me, but i was found innocent with everything and have no record at millersville due to keeping everything i had said to me on file. i want to warn EVERYONE.... DO NOT GO TO MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY! its only a teachers school, thats it. millersville is a small town, small minded, and no social place in the middle of amish and country ville. if you dont care about social life they go ahead the teachers are great except for the meteorology advisor clark who barely is in his office. other then the classes, they improvise every outside class like oceanography students have to go to VA, and pay thier own way instead of the school, to expensive and hard to understand books to tight space campus. anyone who is male student, minority, or going for a degree other then teaching get out now or dont go there. as for me, 12/2009 is my last semester and im leaving to a different school but very upset im delayed 1 year if you plan on attending heres some tips: ikenaga or zhan for math gordinier has the best food for the value move into shenks or brookwood AEA and acacia is best sorority and fraternity but wouldnt recommend having relationships with these people either kumar is probably your best person to talk to about marine/weather specialty. park in the 30 mins spots, they barely check those spots the cove is really expensive starbucks in the SMC is best hangout spot for a dorm... id probably recommend diehm but thats cause people were in the halls alot. ofcourse at night, it was pitiful to see a couple having sex in the laundry room. the pond is next to lyle and gilbert hall, they have 2swans,geese and ducks. when its 10 degrees out, you can walk on the pond. make sure to see your advisor BEFORE registering. they wont give you the TAP number to register for classes. AGAIN, CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. FIND A BETTER SCHOOL. THIS ONE IS SOO MUCH DRAMA


Millersville University has a beautiful campus, during the spring time, the trees are flowering and bright; during fall, the leaves are radiant hues. There's a pond with swans and ducks, the scenery is always beautiful, and the people are friendly. This university has an excelent Army ROTC program, that I am currently involved with, which is one of the main reasons I am attending this school. There are not very many schools in the area that have such a wonderful ROTC program as Millersville.


The home town feeling. It is not so big you will get lost at every corner, but not so small where you meet the entire campus in a matter of weeks. Perfectly sized and spaced. The buildings are also beautiful. The pond/water feature is gorgeous at our school. The enviroment is full of wild life.


My school is full of enthusiastic and committed people. This enviornment is a nice one.


strongest education program in the state




Its near a nice city (lancaster), and the campus is beautiful.


Millersville offers classes with fewer students than most. The smaller class size is very helpful in that it is easy to connect with professors which makes it easier to go to them with problems.


Millersville University has a large population of students, but it doens't feel big. It is very relaxed, and offers a lot of resources.


The atmosphere of Millersville is very friendly.


The professors really take their time to help students. Also, the people are usually very friendly.


Millersville is very cheap compared to other schools, and still offers a decent education.


We are a really tight-knit community. The surrounding area supports our college and we support them. Everyone is friendly and knows everyone else.


Millersville University is located in Millersville PA, a rural town in lancaster. The campus is surrounded by community, family houses. This made them campus feel homely and not like a typical college campus. One does not feel the pressure of normal college campuses. The campus is also small which makes the students a tight family where everyone knows everyone. These facts about the Millersville community stood out when looking at other schools in PA.


Millersville is a large campus, surrounded by beautiful scenery, but it only a bus ride away from the city.