Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I haven't been her long,so I don't have an all-time worst thing of all,but as of right now, there is construction happening to one of the buildings and all the dust and noise that accumulates is really getting on my nerves. It's not any better that they are blocking a major path, which forces us to take another some minutes to walk around the fences.


I consider the worse thing about my school to be the construstion that is taking place at this current moment.


The worst thing about my school is that they hire some professors that should not even be teaching. One professor I had was fired becuase she was to relaxed. We would always have opennote quizzes and it just wasn't a challenge.


The worse thing that I could consider about my school is the lack of diversity in the faculty and student population. The is a very small minority population which makes the school lack diversity. Coming from a big urban city, I was raised around a large population of diversity and this school and town has a lack of that. I don't like that because you get to learn less about people of many different backgrounds and you have a narrow view of different cultures. You miss out on socializing with different people and sharing different values with diverse groups.


I would say not living on campus. I would much rather be away from home learning about myself and learning to be independent. At Millersville you can live on campus, but living so close was a waste of money. So to any student going I would suggest they live on campus. It makes it much easier to meet people and make schedules to best fit you. It also helps you learn who you are.


The worst thing about my school is its lack of diversity.


The worst thing about Millersville is the football team. Millersville football used to be the top team is the PSAC. We used to have a Joe Paterno type coach but when he retired the program hit bottom. They are lucky to win three games a season. The team isn't disipline anymore and they get away with skipping practice. Football is a staple at colleges and it is disappointing that Millersville isn't one of those schools.


There are too many closed minded liberals, and the university promotes these reckless individuals.


I can't pin point anything negative about my school.


that after 4 years, I will be leaving Milersville!!


I would say the cafeteria is the worse thing about our school because most of the time the food is cold or old and the cleaning conditions are not good.


Lack of involement and lack of energy of the student body- there's not enough engagement from the students in events.


The amount of busy work because while it is useful, there should be more hands-on and not wasting the students' time.


I would say the worst thing about Millersville is the growing student poulation. I believe the school is taking in more students than it can accomadate and that affects class avalibilty etc. for current students.


the police only care about busting drunk kids, not the safely of students.


I would have to say politics. If you are a Republican, as I am, it is not so fun. Most of the profs are liberal, and they let you know it.


Boring atmosphere; an overall struggling sense of community.


how the teachers don't teach. they expect you to know the skills that they need to teach and then repremand students when they dont know things that have not been taught


I wish my school had more school spirit, and there weren't so many students at my school that just went to college to party. I wish more students tried harder to learn and get a better education. I also wish that there more scholarships available and not just for minorities.


its to expensive.


The food. They don't make it like mom does. A lot of it is not healthy and what it healthy is not made very tasty.


The worst thing about Millersville University is that the majority of the students are Education majors, so the administration tends to cater to that major.