Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student should attend Millersville if they desire to be an education or social sciences major. This person must prefer a small, convinent and personal college campus rather than a large and crowded campus. To enjoy the Millersville experience, a student must not value heavy partying/drinking, athletics, school spirit or a strong sense of community among students.


The type of person that should attend Millersville University of Pennsylvania is someone who is dedicated and absolutelty knows what they want out of the college experience. It will be difficult for freshman to be there with new found freedom, but if you have a goal then you have a purpose and that will keep you focused. Millersville's staff and faculty are kind, warm people who definitely want to see you succeed and since it is a smaller campus it is easy to develope personal relationships with them in the event that you need any kind of help.


The kind of person who should attend Millersville University of Pennsylvania is someone who is serious when it comes to education, someone who values eduaction and willing to learn. Also a person who wants to make something out of their life and at the end walk across that stage smiling with that degree in there hand.


A person who likes to socialize, but one who does not mind a white-majority school. This school is not too big or small, and the class sizes are small about 30 to lectures about 200.


Someone who wants a good education but doesn't have the money to go to a $25,000-a-year school


A person who is willing to meet new people and become great friends them should come to this school and also somebody who is willing to study and dedicate a fair amount of time to it.


A person who is looking a college campus that isn't too big, but isn't too small. The teaching field is very popular at Millersville University and the department is great! There are a lot of things to do at night on the weekends, which is fun. On the weekends during the day, usually you will find people studying in the library or at work. Overall, it's a great (smaller) school.


Many people come to Millersville and major in education. The school is well known for its education and industrial technology program. The school is very ideal for students who want to become teachers one day. Also, attending this school will not put a student into debt after they graduate. For in-state students the tuition is very affordable compared to private universities. For students living in the Lancaster area it is convenient to be close to home. The same goes for Philadelphia area students, it is about an hour and a half drive distance.


Any one who wants an affordable education, and pefers small classrooms. It's out in the country, but is close enough drive or bus ride for city shopping. The education is top notch and class size is about the same as my high school. I would recomend people from the area, as it is a suitcase school, and it is a friendly transition from typical high schools in the area.


What this school needs more of are open-minded, able-bodied individuals who are looking to further their education by stimulating their minds with exceptional classes, and individuals to learn from professors that are willing to go the extra mile to get their students the educations they need. This school needs students that want to learn, that have the desire to succeed, and have the want to do what must be done to make this school a better learning facility for everyone involved.


Any one that enjoys a suburban setting, medium sized school, close to a small city that promotes the arts. It is academically challenging but not an ivy league. It is a great school for anyone going into Education. One of the best on the east coast.


Somebody who doesn't mind living in the country, doesn't expect a huge campus, and wants to learna a LOT. The school has an incredible elementary education program for those going into the field.


Anyone can attend Millersville, especially those who have a desire to learn. If your goal is to learn more than to party, this is a great place for you.


someone willing to join extra activities. or someone who likes to go home during the weekends


Someone who is going to care about Millersville University as much as i do. I love this school and i want people here who want to do more than just get drunk every weekend. I want the kind of student who is academically sound and likes to do as much community service as my Fraternity does. I want the kind of student who will WANT to help the school and make this a better place.


someone who is looking for a small, academically based school


Anybody. This school is very diverse and well prepared to handle just about anyone. As long as you are good at doing homework and getting your assignments in on time, you will do well with these professors.


A person who is open minded and interested in a career in the liberal arts or teaching.


High schoolers who are looking for a simple school for a good price should come here. Tuition is always expensive but Millersville is fairly affordable and there are plenty of job opportunities on and off campus. The academics here aren't nearly as competitive here as at other schools so if thats a concern than Millersville is probably a good place for them, but you still learn a lot.


Someone that doesn't want to be overwhelmed with too many people surrounding them.