Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would be someone who doesn't like to adventure off away a ways from home. Someone who does't like the smell of animal manure because it smells like that a lot of the time and isn't really pleasant. If they are someone who wants to attend a big college, this isn't the place for them. Millersville is a small college in a small town outside of Lancaster, and even Lancaster isn't that big of a city. This may not be the place for them.


people who have negative attitudes


Someone who is very liberal might not fit in at this school. Others who wouldn't enjoy it here are big city lovers and cold weather lovers. It's a small college town that is primarily focuse on the school. There is also a bunch of warm weather here


I can not think of a person that should not go to school at Millersville. Like I said, everyone here is really friendly and seems to get along. Maybe someone should not go here if it is far away from their home, and they do not want to be far from home. Other than that, I have never complained about going here, and I have loved my experience at this school everyday so far.


A person who cannot stand the smell of cows should definitely not attend this school. Every so often, the scent of cow manure is really strong. You do get used to it eventually. Also, someone who does not like walking should not come here. Parking on campus is somewhat limited so it is best to park somewhere and then simply walk to all of your classes.


I believe that ANYONE who wishes to attend this school should be able to. I dont think that it would be fair to have a "who shouldnt attend Millersville" list. I believe all students that have a drive and interest in learning and is looking to further their career, than they should be eligible to attend Millersville University.


I think people who should not attend this school are those who do like to be involved in the community or enjoy having a close sense of unity with others.


A person that is not hard-working, not focused on academics, or has no direction in life. A person that does not want to learn and further their education and just jerk around with a main focus on being a social butterfly should not try to come to Millersville.


Frat boys and Sorority fluffs


If you like a calm, peaceful, low-populated campus area, go to Millersville. Teachers are great, classes are effective and informative toward your major. So if you are looking for lots of people, or a big city suburb area, don't look at Millersville. The town of Millersville itself is mostly farmland, but Lancaster, PA is less than 20 minutes away.




A student that will not work and just wants to say they went to college.


someone who doesn't want to work


Someone who is wanting more of a party atmosphere instead of an academic atmosphere should not attend Millersville University. This school has a dry campus.