Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I am a transfer student at Millersville and so far the most frustrating thing for me has been making friends. I also find the pay per credit cost frustrating. I think it would be better if tuition was a flat rate.


The most frustrating aspect about my school is that there is a hiring freeze on the teaching staff because of state budget cuts. A college needs to expand to fit the needs of the growing population of students attending college and a hiring freeze does not allow this to happen. I like Millersville's small class sizes and class size will continue to increase if the hiring freeze continues.




The most frustrating thing about Millersville University can sometimes be other students. They often forget there is a "be quiet and respectful of other students" policy in the library, computer labs, and other places where students go to study around campus. This is, however, avoidable if you go to these places at certain times or utilize the "meeting rooms" in the library which are small rooms with sound-proof doors. They are available most all of the time.


I was told the Foreign Language department was stellar and found out it is the opposite. The French department is not helpful at all, and has lost 8 of 14 majors this semester, including myself. Not all the advisors are actually helpful, either.


To be honest, I did not find many things that were really frustrating at Millersville University, except that I had great difficulties with the English language and had to take regular English composition and speech classes. Had I had classes that prepared me better for taking classes as a foreign student, I would probably not have graduated with a 2.1 GPA. My GPA made it difficult to get into Graduate school later on. My professors were excellent, but I wish they had given me more of a brake, especially since I had to learn in English.


The ability to stay motivated in a class that you had no intrest in. It was frustrating to sometimes get work done and stay on task with surrounding obstacles. It was also a little weird to be the minority on campus with a population of about 500, to the majority in the thousands.


The most frustrating thing about Millersville University is the lack of communication. with students. For example, the website for the college is confusing. You cannot easily find what you are looking for, and the "calendar" does not work properly. You can type in an event, but it will not be recorded on the website's calendar. Also - the returning date for the Spring '10 semester was not even posted on the website. Well, it was - in small print on the side of the Academic Advisement page. That was it. It was terrible.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all of the rebuilding. There is a lot of construction at my school, because they are trying to better all of the facilities. However, it means that a few places are closed and a few activities are relocated. However, it has helped me explore other parts of campus and I am sure that when all the construction is done the school will be looking better then ever.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the textbooks aren't available in the library and two years ago there was a budget cut and professor's were protesting their wage cuts.


The most frustrating thing about Millersville is probably the financial aid offered and how much of a difference there is between what they offer some people but not others.


not having enough money!


Many required classes are very difficult to get into. I had to go an extra semester because I could not get the classes I needed.


For me, the most frustrating thing about my school is the insufficient draining around campus. When it rains or snows, puddles are everywhere!


Many of the activities available to participate in require some form of money. Out of state tuition is OUTRAGEOUS! Out of state tuition is more than double the amount of in state tuition! There are so many general education requirements that I think waste my time and money; however, the university's excuse is they want to make us WELL rounded students.


Some of the facilites are way outdated... it's like the cycle that they upgrade things is off from the norm.


Parking is somewhat limited


Millersville can sometimes be frustrating in the fact that they are trying to get students off campus sooner than mabye other universities would because of an inornament amount of students wanting to go here and there not being enough space to put all of the incoming students on cmpus; although there is plenty of close, off-campus housing that houses about one-third or half of the student population.


There are not many things to do on weekends if you aren't associated with a specific club or activity. Also, rollover meals would be best for the style of meal plan that we have.


It is frustrating how they allocate funds not by basis of which organization needs the most money but by the number of students in the organization. Also the lack of usable equipment and staff that is willing to teach the valuable skills needed.


School gets frustrating when I have school work that needs to be done, and practice/races that I have to attend. It gets hard to juggle all these things in a very limited amount of time.


The requirements for graduation often involve unnecessary classes that do not help to further your education, but restrict your freedom to choose classes.


The professors give you their office hours, but when you come to see them, they sometimes appear detached and/or annoyed that you are there.