Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I definitely consider the size of my school the best thing. It's not small enough that I see the same people everywhere I go or feel confined, but it's not so large that my professors don't know my name. I feel like I am still able to meet new people very easily, but also that I have a better chance at getting to know my classmates and my professors. If I had gone to a different school I am not sure I would be having as good of an experience as I am at Millersville.


I really enjoy the students and facualty at Millersville Univeristy. Everyone I have met has been friendly and helpful. I have been attending courses here for less than a year, but I already know many of the professors and students in my major.


I consider the emphasis on teaching, rather than research to be Millersville's best quality. This emphasis favors high-quality professors who are great teachers in addition to being knowledgable in their field. The administration also genuinely cares about the academic success of students and fosters an environment where hard-working students experience strong support and resources.


The best thing about Millersville was really the staff and faculty. They are there to help you but they also can't help but to care about your well being. I can honestly say that if I needed help with academics, they were there to provide as much information as they could and then if they wanted to go more in depth but they couldn't they would use their personal resources to see that you got your help. Also, if you were dealing with something personal they listened. This is the most genuine staff I know.


The best thing about Millersville University is the students. All of the students are friendly and helpful. Its so easy to make friends here, no matter what type of person you are. There is not a student on this campus that can't find a group of friends to connect with and make memories with.


The best thing about Millersville University is the campus and facilities. Because campus is an enjoyable place to be, working on classwork outside of class is easier and more fun. There are numerous labs, studios, and work spaces available for students to utilize when studying or doing classwork. They offer convenience and often are attended by a lab technician or other extremely helpful student in that field.


I love the opportunities that my school offers for students to obtain their goals and dreams.


The best thing about Millersville University is the student body. They are very nice and sociable. In class everyone is pretty serious about the college workload and being successful academically. I have made many friends who had helped me o ut in homeworks or have formed study groups for upcoming exams. I have met friends at party who helped me out meet other people who ended up being my boss and my networking has expanded greatly since attening this unveristy. One paragraph is not enought to describe the student body either way this is the single most imporant asset.


MU has alot of great aspects. I love the small town setting, although there are alot of students attending the school. It allows for a home like feel with a chance to meet new people all the time. I also love the student-teacher relationships. The teachers are involved with the students and help them out in any way they can.


I was able to explore so much at Millersville and I made life time friends and room mates. My years at Millersville were even better than my high school years. I enjoyed running track for Millersville and the close friendship turned into a family. I will miss everyting about Millersville because in each memory I have I learned something new from it . I cannot say I only have one best thing to considered about Millersville because there is so much I love about Millersville.


The best thing about Millersville was getting accepted.


I think the best thing about this school is the education program that they provide. The school makes it very difficult to be an education major here, so you have to work very hard to be in that major. I really enjoy the amount of opportunities that are given for these majors to go out into the field even in their first year. This way it is much easier for the student to figure out if this is what they really want to major in and to see if they will enjoy it.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. People here are really nice and the professors are approachable for the most part. Also, the movie night on campus. Every Saturday night, the school plays movies that are not out on dvd yet.


Millersville University is the perfect balance between school work and extra-curricular activities. There are plenty of sporting teams (competitive and intermural), alumni clubs, service clubs, and clubs within your majors to participate in. These activities give you the opportunity to meet new people and relax from homework and studying. However, these clubs are not too demanding. They understand if you are tied down with homework, studying, family obligations, and work. Therefore, Millersville is the best because it is comprised of the perfect balance between extra-curricular activities and school work.


The best thing about Millersville University is because of the fact that it tends to be a smaller school, you get to know these people and you see them on a daily basis in some cases. If you hang out at a party with some people on a Saturday night, you may very well see them in the dining hall the next day. This means it's a smaller school, but it also means its more personable!


A small school is much different from a bigger school. I did Marching Band the first semester and this really helped me transition into college with ease. With a small school, it is easier to hang out with the people I met during Marching Band and I usually see someone I know when I'm walking around.


The best thing about the school is the other students in my major. Many of them truly seem devoted to education and love what they are going for even if it is challenging.


It is in a well kept town. There are plenty things to do both on and off campus. The faulcty are helpful and nice! The teachers give you an appropriate amount of time for projects and and assignments.


everyone is very friendly


That tht there is a nice campus life and there is always something that you can be doing, and the people here are very nice.


The teachers here really care about you. You're literally not a number. My professors all know me by name and are willing to help with anything.


I LOVE THE PEOPLE! Also the History Department is great!


The best thing about my school is the extra-curricular activities offered. There are many things to keep the students ocupied after classes and many things to further education. Millersville Univeristy has many lectures from proffesionals and many college professors to further educate the students. There are at least 2 outside proffessional, artist and cultural lectures a week. Yes, we have fraternities and sororities but there is not an emphasis on the students to join these organizations. We have many intramural sports for students who do not wish to be involved in the mainstream sports offered on campus.


The best thing about Millersville is that most of the professors are incredibly invested in their students and will go out of their way to help. The University also provides opportunities to help students get good jobs after graduation and helps with the grad school application process.