Millikin University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Millikin University is a small, private institution with a sincere and deliberate focus on Performance Learning; each student is provided with the means and opportunities to prepare for their future career within the classroom, and it is up to the individual to seize the connections and build experience with their professors and colleauges.


If you are looking for a school that makes you feel at home, and welcomes people of all kinds of backgrounds with open arms, and open hearts. We as a student body look to achieve to the highest level of education while keeping the students and facualty happy in a cooperative enviroment.


Millikin University is a very openminded and inclusive school, and the faculty is very caring and they push their stidents to do the best work that they can.


Millikin is a gorgeous, spacious campus with a close-knit community that gives off the feeling of a second, caring family; the classes provoke intelligent thought, and while the work is very hard, you will be well-prepared for the outside world since every step in life requires hard work.


Millikin is a wonderful institution where students are able to reach their fullest potential with help from a great professional faculty and amazing peers.


Millikin university is a very divrse school and there is a place here for EVERYONE.


We are a very liberal, culturally diverse, accepting, and fun; there is never a dull moment on campus!


A community with a few sub-communities.


Small and very close


Millikin University give students the building blocks to not only become a better student, but also to become a better citizen, both in your professional life and at home.


The school really focuses on students that are in the arts programs (musical, theater, art). If you like small school this is a good school. There is not alot to do in Decatur.


A small college with a tight knit community that will be both challenging and intrigueing to greatly advance its students and help them grow academically, socially and individually.


A welcoming community that is determined to see students flourish and grow throughout their time as an undergraduate and beyond.


Amazing classes, amazing people, and a great learning and social environment.