Millikin University Top Questions

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My school has a thriving greek life that is an intregal part to the University. I myself didn't plan on join a sorority and yet i am a proud member today of 2! Another interesting part about Millikin is the Arts department. Both Music and Theatre bring in larger crowds than any athletic team. being a Music Major myself i have loved my experience so far. I Reccomend Millikin to fine arts students looking for a small, supportive community.


The thing that brought me to this school over other schools is how everybody genuinelly cared about me when I came to visit. At every other school I visited, it seemed as if people didn't really care if I came there or not. At Millikin, they want you there. Everyone is so pleasant and not in the fake way. They ask where you are from, what you want to major in, what you're involved in, and anything else to get to know you as a person. This was very unique to me and is why I came here.


My school is smaller then most, and because of that, the teachers are able to give more individual attention to their students in the classroom. The staff here are very encouraging and inspire us to reach for our goals.


Millkin is very close knit. It's ideal for students who want to keep a similar high school environment, and who want to see the same people throughout their daily routines. It allows for one on one relationships with the professors, and most professors make themselves very available to students. Millikin is also very flexible toward financial aid.


It has small class sizes and feels like a community. We don't have a lot of emphasis on sports, so our school spirit is kinda low, but the arts are really valued at Millikin and I feel that it is a good place to become cultured even if you don't study the arts and don't want to pay the price of living in a performing "hub" like Chicago.


I enjoy our first year program. I am a first year mentor and the freshman come a week early and are the only ones on campus. The mentor is a soph, junior or senior. It gives the freshman a true time were they can feel that awkward new kid time and not feel pressure from upperclassman. This is a chance for them to experiance Millikin by themselves before classes start. Also this allows for time to make friends before classes start.


Small classes and a unique campus that has been very well kept up and is very intruiging.