Millikin University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Millikin University can basically be a home for anyone and everyone who has ever needed one. Everyone is welcome, and accepted for the person that they are.


A person that is used to a quiet, small town. A student that is willing to give their time and properly work through all the class assignments and tasks given without slacking off.


Anyone who feels the need to be in a smaller school environment which provides easy, one-on-one access to professors and a fun, close-knit environment should definitely consider Millkin.


Students involved in the fine arts will really find Millikin University the place for them. Also, if a student is looking for a smaller school with a major emphasis on community, this school would be the perfect choice. Millikin University is a very small school with not many people so meeting people is extremely easy and getting involved is even easier.


People who like smaller schools that are friendly and like to get to know others.