Millikin University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not waste a moment wishing or waiting. These next years of your life will grow you more than you ever could have dreamed. There are so many tools and possibilities laid before you, and you are doing yourself a disservice should you not utilize the connections – to your peers, your professors, your city – that you have been so blessed with. Seek out and surround yourself with good company; like-minded, forward thinking people that believe in you as much as you believe in them, and allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself to be challenged—and embrace it. Begin a project you have been yearning your life long to begin as soon as you set foot on campus. Believe in yourself and go above and beyond – do and overdo – every task assigned to you. Embrace the moments of learning and growth; they can and will be vastly more rewarding than you could have dreamed. Most importantly, have the time of your life all the while putting your entire self into your craft, and do not settle for anything you know you can improve upon. You must strive, and you will thrive. Do not waste a moment wishing or waiting.


I would tell myself to relax and enjoy the journey a little more. College is not only about getting higher education, but it is about having fun while making relationships that will last a lifetime. People are truly amazing if you just give them a fighting chance.


Take a breath, listen to your own voice and speak to yourself in a fond manner about it. Don't be pressured by your family to attend a school you never wanted to attend. Be patient with them, they only are looking out for your best intrest. Don't feel discouraged about all of the financials because you will get through it. The friends you make, you grow with them each coming day, but you never left behind the ones at home. When you feel how hard it is to get through a day, keep smiling; but don't hold it in. Life isn’t about living along but living through, so perserve. You'll like whom you've become in the end.


Jonathan, it is time to focus on what you want to do. Things have come easy to you but the real world is much harder. It is time to start exerting more effort in everything that you do and you will find that you when you do exert the effort, there is much more joy when you complete the task. You have chosen a career that is most rewarding when you fully immerse yourself. Don't assume you have nothing to learn whether it is a meeting, a conference, or a presentation. Find one thing that you can take away from every experience. You will also be much more content when you finally develop your organizational skills. Being organized at the outset will save you so much over the long run. Take the time now to create a system. It is also acceptable in every situation to complete a task before the deadline. You might even find that you have time to proofread prior to submitting if you have it completed before the deadline. You have the ability to quite successful at your chosen profession, it will take a lot of effort but it pays off in the end. Enjoy!


I would advise myself to leave behind the high school isucrities that I had. There were many things that I was scared to do for different reaseans and they spoted me from getting involved on campus as much as I would have liked to. I feel as though I would have had a much more fulfilling college experience if I had took a break from studying more often and had some fun on the weekends. I would also tell myself to start thinking about what is imporant to me. When I came to college and I started to be around people in a higher learning atmosphere, I started to see the different things that people valued. It was easy for me to fall into the trap of over-vauling things. For example, my educations is very important but education should never be put before family. Money is important but it should not be the only factor in the career path I choose to follow. I feel as though going back in time would help me to assure myself that by the end of my college career, I will difinatly think, speak, and act differently.


I would tell myself to now worry so much about college. It all works out and everything turns out okay.


Be happy. There is a bigger world outside of high school. You are going to have the highest highs and the lowest lows. But never give up. Believe in yourself and your dreams. People look up to you in more ways than you know. You are loved. You do matter. Smile, dance, sing, tell jokes, be you!


Everything is not as black and white as it seems. It is ok that there are shades of gray. Remember all of those rules you had that you figured would get you through life? Yeah, throw those out the window. Take risks. Don't be afriad to speak your mind. If they are truely your friends, they will accept you the way you are. It is fine to not know what the future holds. Take it one day at a time. Don't forget to have fun. This will be the time of your life. Believe me, it is so true this time, unlike when they told you that in high school. You are about to enter a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy every minute of it. Don't regret anything. Do what feels right at the moment. Somehow, life has a way of working itself out in a way that makes you a better you.


Never think you are done learning things about the world, life, love, other people, or yourself. The world is how you view it and life is what you make of it, so do what makes you happy and never let anyone look down on you for your inner growth.


I would want my former self to know that when I was feeling lonely and homesick; that I wasn’t the only one suffering in silence. Often there is a division between those who stay in on the weekends and those who go out to parties. Thankfully, after meeting new friends, I realized that there were more like me, sitting alone in their room’s, not knowing what to do with themselves. Knowing what I know now; I would encourage students like me to go out of their comfort zones but not to accommodate to the perceived stereotype of what college should be. Instead, I would suggest that you continue to do what is important to you, and others who share this passion will join. My confusion during my first year of college is slowly becoming clearer. What is most important is not how others think of you, but how you think of yourself. Do things you can be proud of. Most importantly, don’t give up. Believe it or not, high school prepared you for this experience. You already have everything you need to be happy so go out there and be an aggressive member of your new community.


My Brother If i were you I would make sure to get better grades in high school than I did when I was there. I would stop wasting time focusing on your girlfriend, and save a higher percentage of the money you earn at that part time job. You are going to need the money, and you are going to need the grades. Also the Technical Center will help prepare you for college but dont expect that its going to get you ahead. Dont take a break after high school just jump right in so that everything that you learned is still right fresh in your mind. To sum it all up, dont waste time. Think smart, and plan for the future.


Learning is a privilage. Open your mind to new things and never discount anything you learn, this is a time in your life to add to your tool belt, so learn anything you can. Genuine, don't try and be who people want you to be. Ask for help when you need it, don't procrastinate, and don't do one night stands. Your charactor is all you have.


I would tell myself to follow my heart! I really wanted to go to Millikin but instead I let my friends and family talk me in to attending Eastern Illinois University. After a few weeks there I could tell that I was not going to like spending the next four years of my life there. Eager to follow my heart I reapplied for Millikin, applied for scholarships, and arranged meetings behind my parents' backs. After everything was already arranged I sat down with them and told them that beginning in the Fall of 2009 I was going to attend Millikin University. I had it all planned out and paid for. It was one of the hardest decisions in my life but I should have known from the beginning to follow my heart!


I have learned that I am a unique and important person, and even though I may not be the best or perfect in a certian class or discipline, that I should still strive to do the best work that I can. Learning this has made me a more confident and optimistic person.


I have gained the knowledge about subjects that I love, the independence that comes with living on-campus, and I have gotten guidance towards a career that I feel that works for me.


What I have gotten is a greater feeling of responsibility and a sense of how hard the work really can be. Being on my own has given me a bit of independence, and it has influenced me to be even more responsible than I normally was. I have created better habits for myself-such as working out a few times a week and better study habits, and I am extremely organized. Millikin's work for their degrees is rigorous, and as a double major, I will be feeling twice the hard work and twice the stress. However, I will be very well-prepared, and I will know my course material for both of my majors-Early Childhood, BA, and English Writing, Creative. It has been valuable to attend because Millikin has enhanced my organizational skills and feeling of responsibility. I will be well-prepared for the real world, and I will be well-rounded in both of my majors due to the rigorous course work. I look forward to enhancing even more of my qualities at Millikin, and I hope to gain even more insight and knowledge into what the real world will be like.


My experience so far at Millikin University has shaped me into a more independant and open minded young woman. Attending college this fall has been a blessing because I am one of the first in my family to live on campus let alone attend a university. I've realized that a big part of college is not only the new level of education but the people we encounter in our journey to earning a degree. Faculty and my peers have made my first semester a very interesting one. Meeting new people the more I learned about myself and my capabilities as a musician. I'm majoring in music education and in this major I encounter so many enthralling people with different opinions, insights, and creativities. Interacting with so many different people has propelled me to further make myself a more well rounded person and accept people for who they truly are. No matter the race, religion, or sexual ortientation every person has the right to be respected as a human being. Millikin University has presented me with multiple opportunities to grow as a student and a person and I can not wait to see how much more I can progress.


In high school, I was involved in anything and everything I could be. I was in cheerleading, musicals, plays, volleyball, choir, band, softball, and many other small things. When I came to college, I decided to dedicate myself to only a few things. That is when I joined Pi Beta Phi. I am currently the VP Finance for this sorority, and I have already learned so much. So far, the most beneficial information I have received so far in my college experience is who I am. I have learned that I am not only responsible and organized, but I also genuinelly care about people. I care about my sisters and helping our sorority grow not only financially but personally. I believe this to be extremely valuable information because it shows me what kind of career I'll want to have when I get older. I am an Accounting and Finance major, but that does not mean I have to work in a job that does not allow me to help others. I have learned that I will not be satisified without helping others, and this information I have learned from my college experience so far could be life changing.


One of the most important things I have learned at college is how to take care of myself. I have learned basic essentials such as getting my own food and doing laundry. I have also learned many different skills for acting. I have learned new ways to make my acting more believable and with continuing my education I know I will be prepared for the real world of performance. There have been may opportunitties for me to practice auditioning and many more opportunities for performances. I am also able to reach out of the world of theatre and branch into different areas of study if I so choose. The faculty have helped me so much and are completely honest with you. Their information on performance skills and ettique are some of the most valuable tips I have ever recieved.


Senior year in high school is an exciting time in your life. You are looking forward to the future, but you also are trying to enjoy your moment as a senior. My parents and I started looking for schools during my junior year and I wasn't very happy. I thought it was too early. That was not the case. Senior year started and everything moved along faster than I thought. I would have picked my top five schools and visited with the business departments in the fall of my senior year. I would not have waited until the spring. Next, I would have scheduled an overnight during the month of November to see what activities are availble on the weekends. My next step would have been to rank the schools and eliminate the one(s) that did not fit my needs. After receiving acceptance letters and scholarship information I would have visited my top two choices one more time to make my final decision. Although I started looking at schools early, I feel I could have made my final decision sooner if I did not wait until spring of senior year to dig deeper into my top choices.


I would tell myself to really work hard and possibly take more time in deciding what I want to do in life before I get too far in. I would also tell myself to take it easy and try not to rush through the whole experience. I would also suggest trying to go straight to a four-year college instead of community college first. I feel like I missed out on some of the college experiences that so many people get the chance to experience.


Do the best that you can at all time. Scholarship and grant depend heavily on academics and community service Take advance classes when possible; this will make the firs semester more manageable.


I would tell myself not to be so worried. Yes, college can be stressful, but it is a learning process. You are not going to do everything right from the moment you step foot on campus. You learn and grow as you live out your life. I think college is a major growing step, because you are out on your own and away from home. I would also say to relax and have fun! College is a blast! You meet tons of new people and experiance new things, it's not just classes. But on top of that, don't let your grades slip. Discipline yourself to work hard and stay on top of your homework. Have a strong work ethic and be kind to others. Be yourself. True friends will love you exactly as you are. Don't worry about fitting in. You have a unique personality and the people you want as friends will respect that. So, don't worry, have fun, work hard and be yourself!


College life is hard, but the senior year of high school determines just about everything. At least, that is what you think when you are having to make one of the biggest decisions of your life up to that point. Now that I am in college, I realize that I am making what I do and how I do it possible. It is not the school that determines what I join and how well I study; that is up to me. I realize now that I could have made straight A's at any college. Maybe public schools are bigger and I would not have had as much one on one time or maybe private schools give you a better opportunity to get involved, but if I intend to get involved, I will do that no matter where I go. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to stop fretting over the little things. Do not stress over where you end up, because in the end, it will all work out. Enjoy your time with your friends, because when you go to college, nothing will ever be the same.


I would tell myself to follow my heart, especially when making decisions like where I want to go to school and what I want my major to be. My family had been talking to me since I was very young about going to Eastern Illinois University. I decided to go there without much thought, especially since I had made it into the Honors Program on grace. To be truly honest with you, that was the worst year of my life thus far. I hated it there and in the back of my mind I was constantly wondering what it would have been like to attend Millikin University (the school I really wanted to go to). Why didn't I go there in the first place? It is a private school and my parents thought it was too expensive. I am paying for college on my own so towards the end of my year at Eastern I decided to reapply to Millikin and work really hard on financial aid. All of my hard work paid off and now I am as happy as I will every be and doing really well!


The most important thing to remember is college is what you make it. When I was in high school everyone made it seem like college was going to be a blast and I would learn nothing, or you will become a bookworm and never have fun. That is far from the truth. College is hard, I must admit, but it's important that you learn how to balance your time between work and play. Play just doesn't mean parting either. It's important to become a active member on your campus. It allows you to network and make long lasting friends! Another word of advice would be to take one day at a time, dont rush into anything. Transitioning is hard already, dont make it worse by having to much on your plate at one time.


Where do I begin?! The thing is, I knew what I should have been doing my senior year, but I guess I just felt so overwhelmed. I should have been thinking about college my whole high school career, going on visits to schools that were close, and talking to students already enrolled there. I wish I would have sat my parents down and really got to the bottom of our financial situation that, to this day I still am cloudy about. I should have just swallowed my uncomfortable feelings and did it. I should have treated it like a project, making notecards and posters and spreadsheets. My college is not the perfect college for me, but it isn't the worst either. I'm learning to love certian things about it, and trying to get the most out of the resources available. Even if I did spend all the time in the world looking up colleges, I still could have been unhappy. So I am taking what I can from Millikin University, and becoming increasingly excited to start my career in a short couple years!!!


I would tell myself not to give up no matter if you feel out of place. If you set your mind to it you can achieve anything you want and prove everyone wrong. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because it will just hold you back from getting to know people and becoming the person you truely want to be. Enjoy your time at school, make the best of it. Get invovled.


Take the time to know what you need before what you want. Explore all options before making a final decision, this way you will not have any regrets about your choice. Make sure that your financial situtation is congruent with you educational opportunities, be sure to put your education first and everything else second because graduating with a degree is the next goal. Learning how to manage your time properly will help you stay organized and focused, this will aid in the success of your goals. You are advancing you educational level, please advance your level of thinking and maturity. You are no longer in high school, so please act accordingly. Be open to ideas and opinions other than your own, college is a breeding ground for the creation of a new way of thinking. Make sure to get involved on campus by either getting a on-campus job, an organization/team/club, join a Fraternity or a Sorority, becoming a mentor, or volunteering your services; this is a great way of networking and have a great time while doing something that you enjoy.


Mr. Prude, apply for ALL scholarships now and do not apply for ANY student loans. You have the power to achieve anything that you can put your mind to, and make sure to go with your first mind. Take a few more campus visits before making a final decision and be sure that you can call that place your home (because you are going to be spending a lot of time there). Be involed in campus activities and make sure to give back to the community that gave so freely to you. Lift as you climb and never live with regrets. Have fun these next four years and make your family proud. You are the first in the family to go to college... BUT YOU WON'T BE THE LAST!!!


Do not just see the school online and the information in packets. Actually visit the school and see where you would be living, sit in on a class and walk around the campus. Don't forget to try the cafeteria food too. The student and parent need to feel comfortable about where they or their child will be living 9 months out of the year.


I would suggest to not be closed minded. When you are selecting a school the things that you think are important change once you actually attend the school. I thought that I wanted to go to a big school for the social aspect and almost didn't look at my school because it was a only a few steps above being "in the middle of nowhere". Also do not attend a school based on the name, different schools have different strengths, and just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean employers in your field won't. Some smaller schools can be dull on the weekends, but actually give you a better education because the classes are smaller and the teachers know you. Partying and enjoying college is important (to some) but don't get caught up in the nightlife at a school. The reason you are there is to learn. I feel if I had picked a school that was large and had something to do every hour of the day I would spend a lot of money, when I'm in debt already with my student loans, and I would have no time to study.


The first and most important piece of advice i would give is to make sure you go and visit the college. Brochures are made to appeal to what you look for. Second, once your in college, start off the semsester strong because its easy to get distracted by other people and activities. Last but not least, try never to write a paper the night before its due because trust me it never works.


For parents: I would tell them to make sure that the college is a safe place where their student will be happy, and to make sure that it fits financially with the student and student's family. For students: I would tell them to go to the campus to get a feel for it, before jumping into any decisions, talk to people on campus (students, faculty, and staff) to see how helpful they are. Try to determine what you want out of college...that will help overall to decide what type of school and ultimately what school to choose. To make the most out of the college experience, one should be involved and get to know the people around them. Being involved in your major, college, university, and community is vital in making the most out of a college experience.


I would tell students to make the most out of the four years. Get involved in everything you can but realize that you are here to learn. Do research on your campus and really connect with the faculty and other students. College is a time of independence and responsibility and if a student takes advantage of the things they have around them they will succeed. To parents I would tell say, Realize that your child has to grow up and go their own way. It is a time for them to learn responsibility and although they may mess up it is a learning experiance for everyone. Be proud and also try to be involved as much as you can in their education and campus life.


Look everywhere


College is a time of preparation. Finding a school with faculty and staff that support every student can be difficult. Stay open to opportunities and do plenty of reasearch. This is not to find the perfect school but to find a school that fits the needs of the student and to allow for growth. Going to college not only advances your education but also advances your future. Taking time to make the right decision will help you in your mission.


College is an adventure! No matter how prepared you seem to be there will always be obstacles to overcome! The best advice I can give is to be yourself and open your mind up to ideas and activities that you never dreamed of doing before you entered college life. These experiences will not only help you in find a rewarding career path but they will also help you discover the greatest friendships that you will ever encounter. When the work load seems to much to bear simply take a deep breath and know that your own personal will and determination will get you through the hustle and bustle of group projects, and the dreaded end-of-semester madness. Keep you friends close and your family closer and always remember that the knowledge that you recieve from college will not only make you a better individual in your profession, but it will also make you a better person at home! You will learn to develop your own values built upon what you learned from your family and the very lessons you learned at school, and in doing so will become a better citizen of the world!


For finding the right school you really need to know what size school you are looking for if you want really small/medium/ large. Make sure you find all the nessasary information you want to know about a school. You school visit the campuses because what you see online may not be exactly right. To make friends become active and participate in activites, if that doing a sport, intermurals, going to a muscial performance, ect. Take advantage to all the differnt opportunities that the school offers you might find that you like something you never tried before. Be open minded your started the next step in your life you never know whats going to come your way.


Though you may have a dream school, you never know what you might find in the most unexpected places.


I would do research and visit each school. A guided tour is a good idea, but try an unguided one to get a real feel for the campus. When the time comes to choose, just weigh your options. The pros and cons are a way to help. Mostly I believe that you will know where you'll fit in and have the best experience and to go with that decision.


Go to the one place that when you visit, it feels like home. Because then it will be.


I would consider looking at differnt college campuses and try to find one that fits your personality. Take into consideration the dorms and how far away from home the campus is because of the drive. I would also look at the environment the campus is in and the kinds of stores around the campus so you have something to do in your free time. In order to make the most of your college expereince is go out with your friends and don't make excuses as to why you can't go hang out. Try to get to know many people and have a wide variety of friends that can help you out in any situation. Make the best of it!


When choosing a college there are many factors that both parents and students must look at. I think the first question you should start with is, how far from home do you want to be? I chose to be pretty close to home, yet far enough away that I could visit often but live my own life. Next, you should look to see if the major you are interested is offered at the school. One way to get information on this is to email the director or professor asking for information on the school or a particular department. The final most important thing that you must do is visit the college not just once, but multiple times. I visited a couple different colleges, but it was not until my second or third visit that I just ?felt? Millikin was the one. I was comfortable on campus and just felt like I fit in here. It may be tough to discern at first, but that is why you should visit multiple times and make sure to ask any questions that you may have. Finally, both parents and students should keep an open mind and good luck with your college search!


Don't go for the cheapest; student loans are repayable. A great school will earn a great job with a great salary. Take a look at the location of the school and what resources are available. Make sure the student has at least one known resource/friend at least 2 hours from the school. Check out the placement level of the programs following graduation. Choose the school with faculty who cooperated with student because he/she will need that flexibilit for four years. Take a campus visit before making a final decision. Some of the initial visits may not feel perfect right away, but they will definately feel wrong if they are not right for the student. Attend all of the new student orientation processes because it is the quickest and easiest way to familiarize with the campus and other new students. Good luck!


The most important thing to consider is your field of study. You want to go somewhere that has a reputable program which you plan to enter. Be sure to research the professors in the department and see what accomplishments they have had. Also, it doesn't hurt to contact alumni from that department and ask them what they thought of the program. If you do this, be sure to stick to recent alumni since it is very possible the program has changed in some way within the last 5-10 years.


I think that students need to apply to all the school that interest them- but to make the decision it is absolute necessary to visit the campus. When you walk on campus- you can tell whether or not you belong there. When you walk onto the right campus you will know- it will feel like home. You will feel an intense feeling of belonging and you will know. Also- I think you need to apply for as much financial aid as possible- and don't stop after your freshmen year- continue to look- any little bit of money will be helpful to college life.


Pick something (as a major) that you want to do. If you work hard enough at it, you will make money no matter what you do.


Go with whatever college makes you feel the most comfortable and has the best learning environment.