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Our classes are tiny that sometimes the professor can take us out to cool feildtrips (e.g. SF museums) and we don't have to pay for them. This is not a college town at all, some people party in UCB or other areas in the Bay Area like S.F. Only chiks can apply to school here, but it's a co-ed graduate school and we also have a program called EF, so you'll see lots of international students and that program is co-ed. You can make lots of great international friends there and even have an EF language buddy. Furthermore, people don't really like the Founder's food because it can be disgusting, but there's also a café and a grill area where the food is 100 times better so you can get a meal plan with points for that. However, the campus is really safe and pretty and you'll most likely get a spacious room for yourself if you're smart about choosing. There aren't terrible dorm rules and some people even have parties in the dorms, you can just get it approved. We have a safety system that the security can escort you to your dorm at night if you don't want to walk or bump into raccoons. There used to be secret forest parties with the EF students, but now they're more strict and there's no more because maybe of fire hazards since some people would smoke there. There's an awesome swimming pool and jacuzzi for all students and alums. Sorry, but it's not a party school, so if you want parties there are ways, but you have to be outgoing to find people. For instance, there's a group of students who will go clubbing every week-end. We're a very diverse community and a very liberal and open minded college. For more info talk to admissions, they'll be happy and sign up for the CYCLONES overnight hosting options! Cause we like to move our bodies like a CYCLONE! haha College is awesome and everybody should go!

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I sincerely believe that Mills is an amazing place to become the well rounded person we all want to be when we finish college. The academics are rigorous, but show us that we can keep up with fast paced work. The campus is beautiful and gives us an opportunity to look around and just enjoy the moment and appreciate the space. The people on campus are very diverse; you will learn about cultures, traditions, different perspective--ultimately helping you grow as a person. However, that is not to say that I believe Mills to be perfect; quite the contrary. Mills has it's issues, but everything does. What I am saying is that for all of Mills' faults, there are at least 3 additional merits at any given time.

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The size of Mills is perfect. The campus is gorgeous and almost all the women are very friendly (I've never met one that wasn't!) When I tell people I attend this school they think I must be extremely smart.

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