Mills College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Mills College is a small community, where the biggest class over here (Fundamental Psychology) only has about 80 students. So the professors definitely know your name! They will not only know your name, they will actually discuss with you. (It's really hard to skip class here in Mills, believe me!) Also since it's a small college, professors are really close to students and they are easily to reach. Except their office hours, you can always make appointments with them. You will find yourself always busy and engaged. Mills women are famous for our intelligence, we are always prepared to learn and explore new things. Our school is relatively strict in grading, however, this pushes students and helps them to develop good study habits. You will learn things here not only for your future job, but also for your own personal life. We are doing all we can to be the best women!


I love all my professors - they know me so well. They help you want to participate and interact in class. In particular I absolutely LOVE the Book Arts department - they are my favorite people. It is a difficult program but you learn so much and have so much fun doing it!


Class sizes are small. I have classes with only 10-15 students. The largest class I had was about 30 students. Most of my professors know me by my name. If I miss a class, they tend to notice and sometimes ask about it. They also love to see students drop by in their office hours. I am in the nursing program. Though the program itself is not very competitive (need to maintain a 3.0 average), many of the students are competitive and try to get the best grades possible. However, the students here are usually willing to help each other and love to form study groups. Though academic orientated, learning is also geared towards a liberal arts education. Students are required to take a woman studies class. Their arts program consist of art history, music, dance, studio art and more.


The professors are awesome and you're not competing against classmates! You are collaborating so everybody can learn! My favorite classes are the FRENCH, SPANISH w Carlotta, & ECON! & I can say that one time I lost my french homework and went to office hours and I told my professor all the answers and went over more things for like a full hour, so professors will make the time to teach! Students help each other learn and there's a free tutoring and essay writing center for students by student tutors and students get payed well to tutor! We have amazing learning resources. Students here a amazingly smart and you'll find yourself having stimulating conversations with all majors! Mills has fun classes, awesome professors e.g. Bert Gordon, Christian Marouby, Brinda Mehta, along with so many others. Most students who come here end up either with incredible jobs, or at really good graduate schools like UC Berkeley or even abroad. So I always see successful alumni after graduation. So far all my friends who have graduated have great lives and futures. So this is a school which focuses on the individual and helping us accomplish our goals. We partner with really good study abroad schools and our financial aid transfers! E.g. of schools, Boston University, American University, Minnesota, Arcadia, Sorbonne, etc etc.

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