Mills College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always brag about the large, supportive community of LGBTQIA* identifying students, and the school's focus on social justice and creating an environment that is happy and healthy for all students.


We get our own rooms (usually) and have great meal plans. Also, usually guaranteed classes, great professors, and support amongst faculty and the community.


If you are looking for a school that doesnt allow for many distractions, small, is very safe environment, new technology, has a beautiful campus, amazing dorms (with NO roomates) then this is the college for you.


Living at Mills has many great benefits, like single dorms and conscientious dining options. But my favorite thing about Mills is the professor-student relationship that is central to the exerience here. My professors all know my name, hand write feedback on my work, and are happy to talk to me after class. Introductory Government glass size? Less than ten students. Nothing beats that kind of individual attention.


I brag about the amazing women I met, the life long friends I've made, the small classroom sizes, one-on-one professor/student attention, and the beautiful campus.


How liberal the campus is and how much much there is to do around it. Also, I love my class sizes.


I talk about how pretty it is here, and how nice all of the women are. I tell them about all the friends i have made and how free i fell too express myself. I love talking about the 4+1 graduate program. Also the rooms have sinks in them, and some of them are hardwood!


It has a PHENOMINAL English program.


I like the fact that it's all women. I really enjoy the learning environment it provides. I also like that it's in Oakland. It's a fun city. Also, the campus itself is beautiful.


Mills facilities are really nice.


The people in my school are very open-minded and aware. There is a lot of self-discovery here because you are comfortable enough to experiment with your appereance, your sexuality, and your hobbies. People at this school help shape your friendships, relationships and your self in the present and future.


I always tell people about how great it is to have small classes because its easier to converse with the professor and its not a huge class with hundreds of people.

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