Mills College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of the students at Mills is Lesbian or LGBT+. While there are students who affiliate with LGBT+, there are students of all kinds at Mills. Mills has this reputation because of the schools committed sense of all-inclusiveness; when you are Mills student you realize that everyone is different and you discover how to enjoy that fact.


Lesbians & No parties Well, for the first one, that's say the queer population is quiet large :p As for no parties... We have an annual "Black and White Ball," which is a great official party. Also, Mills College is closed to UC Berkeley!!! Hmmm I smell parties overthere!


Mills College is a women's college, which means a lot of people stereotype the entire school as being lesbians. While Mills College has a fairly large population of lesbians, the entire school is not. Mills College is an extremely supportive and unique environment, I remember when touring campus before I became a student this question was brought up and my tour guide skillfully said "we all love each other and support each other so in that sense yes we are all 'gay' for each other". If you have never been in an all female environment you are in for a treat, it is not as one might expect when a bunch of females are constantly surrounded by other females which often gets stereotyped as an unpleasant and catty environment which is not the case at all. Everyone at Mills decided to go to Mills for a unique educational experience, an extremely supportive environment and also to be challenged academically. Being at Mills you will constantly be surrounded by amazing, intelligent women and by attending Mills you get the supportive environment that will help you harness your own inner Mills woman!


Smart women!


Mills is a small campus. Usually, it is very quiet on weekends. People will hole themselves up in their rooms to study. If you would like to party or go out, you will need to go out of your way to take AC transit or the college shuttle to Berkeley/San Francisco.There is nothing within walking distance which helps for those who would like to concentrate on their studies.

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