Mills College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any female-identifying/presenting person who is looking for a safe, healthy, creative outlet to express themselves and prepare to move forward int he working world is perfect for mills.


Someone who enjoys being in a close community and is social, or even if you're not social, their is enough support from others where anyone can fit in. If you like the arts, this is a great school to go to, there are a lot of opportunities to take classes in various arts such as dance, music, and visual arts.


People who want a small school that has a large sense of community. They should also want to go to class because attendance is required in almost all courses. They should also want to attend a school where the faculty cares about them and wants them to succeed. The person should also not be afraid to meet new people, join groups, and be outgoing. If you just want to stay in the background, this will not be a good school for them.


A very passionate woman who is dedicated to making a diffrence and creating a better place for people to live. Woman who are looking to further their education and live in a strong community dedicated to supporting others.


Someone who is dedicated to learning and focusing on their education is a good candidate for this school. Students here also have a lot of fun, so anyone who is looking to have a good time, expanding their boundaries, and meeting all types of new perspectives should come here. Anyone looking for oppurtunities would also love it here because Mills makes anything and everything you fight for possible.


The type of person that should attend this school are people that have good income and It may be right for some people, but in my own opinion, its a great school and it's an all girls school.


The best fit for Mills would be a woman who is very interested in learning, not only text from books but from her professors and peers as well; A woman who is passionate about her position in soceity, and wants to succeed. Mills is not a huge party school, but we do have fun, so if a woman would be looking for a soriety, Mills might not be the place. We do offer sisterhood and love and support, but without the stigma of sorieties.


Any woman who is interested in learning in a supportive environment that is still challenging and designed to bring out the best in young women.


A very liberal, open-minded person who is interested in learning different about different people's views.


A person who is aware that this is a womens college. Also, a person who wants to build strong relationships with professors. A person who likes the Bay Area and is open to others opinion. A person who wants to gain confidence. A person who has leadership traits. A person who wants a personalised education. A person who has motivation and wants to learn about social justice. A person who wants to positively change the world in the future. A person who is driven.


A liberal fascist

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