Mills College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


An extreme right-wing conservative against gay rights, and a man, because they are not allowed (expect in the graduate school).


Someone who is looking to party and not owrk hard academically. Someone who is very conservative and not comfortable in the queer community


A person who tends to think conservatively. We love our conservatives, but there is a strong majority that that is very, very liberal. The conservatives that are here don't like it too much. Homophobic people shouldn't attend here, either, because Mills loves gay people. Racist people shouldn't come here either, people with KKK tendencies, because there is a lot of diversity. Sexually active heterosexual women shouldn't come here, either, because there are few men.


The Kind of person who should not attend Mills College is someone who is not open or able to change and adapt in order to be succesful.


Well, if you're looking for the college "party environment", Mills is totally not what you're looking for. It's extremely quiet during the weekends.


Conservative people should steer clear.


Socially conservative people would feel very out of placed and even threatened here, people from sheltered backgrounds sometimes have trouble as well but are treated kindly and often carve out a niche for themselves or learn to expand their boundaries. People who have more interest in the public sector end of business, rather than a focus on social responsibility would also be frustrated here.


Conservative, bigoted,homophobic,racist,narcs,male undergrads, spoiled people, people looking to attend coeducational colleges.


Anyone who is homophobic, politically conservative, or wants the traditional large college environment should probably avoid Mills.


A person who is ignorant and very conservative. A person who doesn't care about college. A person who won't attend class or be responsible. A person who judges people. A person who is not comitted to social justice. A person who doesn't want to be a positive change in the world. A person who doesn't care about her education. A person who will not participate actively. A person who wants to be at a coed college.


People who are even moderately conservative in their beliefs shouldn't attend this college. Also, homophobic people shouldn't attend either. People who expect a social life at this school should apply somewhere else; most people enjoy studying for their midterm that's 3 weeks away. People who expect to be able to go anywhere or do anything relatively close to campus need not apply. Oh, and if you enjoy having a beer or two or smoking pot--don't attend this school. You will be labeled as a drug addicted alcoholic.

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