Mills College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The cost of attendance is 60k per year and I have no money.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of food options. Our latest option closes at 10pm, and there are only three places to eat on campus. The food is also not very healthy unless you eat a salad every day.


The most frustrating thing about school is having to talk to the financial aid office. The hours of operation are sometimes not convinient.


Because my school is so small, the campus is essentially closed on the weekends--most people either leave to the surrounding cities, or stay inside. There are usually no activities provided, except for the occasional dance, and so often no one is around.


The campus is confussing at times because its hidden in the hills and its hard to find some of your classes.


If you want a place that has a dedicated social life, then this is not the campus for you. This school is more about academics then a party scene, which a lot of students do not realize until they come here.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the Tutition is High and it's a private school. I guess I'll start applying for student loans right now And then just fine a job while attending school so I can pay for my loan back. I have been looking for scholarships and hoping for luck to win a scholarship that could help pay for my college tutition. Will i will keep looking and applying for scholarship untill i received one and its hard for me to pay because i don't work and i'm living with parents.


It is incredibly isolated, if you have a car you WILL want it.


Too much work and no time to go out.


The fact thats theres not a lot of majors like a state school would have


The financial aid center is terrible at helping and updating students.


I can't really tell how other academics percieve it.


The most frustrating thing about Mills is that during registration, some classes are TBA (no offical day and time) and that's not helpful for students who work off campus (like me) when trying to register for the next semester.


Financial aid and the registrar: they lose important documents all the time, they don't contact you (even if it's extremely important), they are not willing to work with you, they assume the fact that you missed the deadline is your fault (especially when it's theirs), and depending on who you ask and what time if day you can get 5 different answers from 2 different people. They hand out misinformation all the time and are EXTREMELY bad about getting back to you about anything! The financial aid is beyond subpar.

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