Mills College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How it's like going to an all women's college.


I wish I would have known what the weather would be like its way different then where I grew up. I aslo wish I would have know how expensive it was to travel and all the options there are (train, plane, car). I wish I had watched and read more educational books and movies.


Before attending my first semester of college, I wish I was more sure of who I am as a person. Just five months into college I am much more confident about who I am and what my interests and characteristics are. Though this is part of the college experience, it would have been a great headstart if I was not worried about what people would think of me in my first semester. The fact of the matter is that they were all nervous and worried just as much as I was.


I wish I had been aware of how much financial, academic, and personal assistance and guidance was available to students. I was concerned about my ability to return to school after years of full time work, but Mills College enabled me to do so. It is a very supportive environment.


that the music department is hard core


That it was so PC.


I only wish that I knew my financial aid would be impacted greatly by my parent's taxes. It was much better with just the FAFSA.


I wish someone would have told me how expensive it would be to attend 4 years at Mills and how to do scholarships and financial aid and loans. it would be much easier now, if someone back then, would have told me about how to keep myself in school at an affordable rate.


I wish I'd known that Mills was going to be liberal to such an extent that Conservative/Christian views are rejected automatically no matter how liberal they are. How far away it is from the city, and how hard it is to get there. There is absolutley nothing to do socially on campus or near by that is SAFE.


I wish I'd known that on-campus housing is not suited to those of us who are sober and in our thirties. I now believe this to be true of any school.

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