Mills College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Mills College has a really welcoming envirornment, both through the atmostphere of the sudents and faculty, and that community, and also the fact that the there are lots of trees and plants on the campus. Mills is in the middle of downtown Oakland, which is really ugly, and then you come on campus and it's like a sigh of relief because there is just an oasis of green and everyone will talk to you and smile. There is a large meadow in the middle of campus and there are chairs to sit in and chat with friends.


The amount of support each student recieves, truly makes Mills College stand out from other schools. It is a community where everyone can be themselves with no judgement at all. The teachers will do anythign possible to help their students as well, so along with student supprt you have facutly support and help when needed.


I consider the the diversity and openness to be the best thing about Mills College. The Mills community is very accepting of every type of person you can imagine. It doesn't matter what race you are, or what gender you identify with, or what religion you practice - there is a place for you at Mills. My school prizes the students who dare to be different and outspoken, and I think that is something unique, and to be cherished in a college.


Everything is the best thing about the school. There is a gate around the campus to keep the beautiful scenery in and the Oakland out. We have great class sizes. They give us bus passes for the local transit as well as a school charter bus. They have a buffet for every meal with vegan and vegetarian choices. The campus accomodates all types of people.


The community the Mills College campus creates is amazing and completely unique.


The best thing about Mills College is that it is a very supportive environment, where students are encouraged both by their professors and by their peers to really succeed. At my prior school, I was too nervous to try journalism courses, even though I was very interested in them, and instead took classes I felt were 'safe.' Because at Mills I felt so encouraged and supported, I tried taking journalism courses and really loved them. I have since become the editor of the school paper, thanks to Mills' belief in my success.


The professors - they are just so caring and intelligent. The nature on campus - very relaxing. Financial Aid- very good packages if you are poor/

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