Millsaps College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My peers are forgiving, heartwarming, social, and they love to see new people on campus.


Millsaps prides itself on being "progressive." They are very culturally diverse, having everything from an annual Indian festival to an Ash Wednesday service to a Ramadan celebration. Many students are Catholic, but nearly every other religion is represented and respected. Students are very politically active, and vary to both extremes. What is wonderful about Millsaps, however, is that students like to dialogue about the issues, then are willing to shake hands and walk away friends after. There are no hard feelings or name calling, really. Young Democrats and College Republicans got together to do a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims one year, so the two sides do work together frequently. They also host debates together from time to time. Economically, students come from all backgrounds. Many are on scholarship, and Millsaps is *really* generous with financial aid. They have extremely generous alumni who allow for this (hint, hint as to what you could be one day). Students who are closed minded could feel *very* out of place at Millsaps. I don't mean this in a harsh or derogatory way, but students who are unwilling to see both sides of an issue are often ostracized. I, for one, am a fairly conservative Christian, but I had friends who were liberal atheists. I also had friends who were conservative Christians. We were all open about who we were, we dialogued about our differences, and it made for an excellent learning experience for all. Millsaps students pride themselves on their open-mindedness and service to the community.


My classmates at Millsaps College are very diverse and intellectual. We have a student body of 1200 people, the population is divided equally between men and women, and we have students from all races, religions, and walks of life who commune together in harmony and respect. We have Greek life who mingle with the Lacrosse players, Music majors who chill with the football team, and Oxford/Yale/Eton professors who eat lunch with the video game club! Our students are quirky but cool, and though we all like to have a good time, take our education and friendship very seriously.


My classmates are the most polite group on individuals that I have ever met, however they also think on a intelligence level that challenges me to think in new and differnet ways and as a result I constantly find myself having to re-evalate the way I stand on issues just so i know exactly where I stand on these issues.


most of my classmates are bright , involved, and willing to learn and think in new ways. they are willing to help others when needed and are engaging with other students and professors.


This is not your low priced state school (if there is such a thing)! You do pay a premium price for a premium educational experience. I was fortunate in the days when an athletic scholarship paid tuition. Most of the students are from Mississippi and the surrounding states, but a fair percentage are from all around the country.


Very intelligent, self-motivated, down to earth people.


my classmates are hardworking students who share some of the same interests and career goals as myself. they come from different backgrounds from all over the united states and abroad. coming to millsaps they know they will be in a strongly academic envrionment that also encourages students to be involved in what interests them around campus.


They are intelligent, driven, and kind-hearted individuals from around the southern US.


My classmates are super smart spoiled, cocky brats!


My classmates are mostly intelligent and easy going individuals take their work very seriously.