Millsaps College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The professors are AMAZING! Academics are taken very seriously at Millsaps--even partying students can be found in the libraries during the week. The motto could probably be summed up as, "Work hard, play hard." The students aren't very competitive, though. Students tend to work together a lot, and study groups are a common sight throughout campus. I was an English major, and not only did I know every professor in the department, but they all knew me. Many of my friends had similar experiences in their departments. Rather than a teacher/student relationship, you often feel more of a mentor/student relationship, as professors are willing to take the time to work with you one-on-one. Millsaps learning is definitely about learning for its own sake, so don't expect any specialized majors. It's a liberal arts education, and they take that very seriously. The comprehensive exams to graduate are pretty intense. It's a great education, though. I moved to another state after graduation, and when I applied for a job at a prestigious academy, the Headmaster was impressed that I had graduated from Millsaps. This cannot be expected everywhere, however, as Millsaps is a small school. But the quality of the education rivals some bigger "ivy league" schools.


The personal relationship one has with professors at Millsaps is invaluable to students. When I attended graduate school at a large state university in Texas, I experienced the same personal relationship with professors. But it was somewhat alarming to see how many undergrads were stuffed into freshman and sophomore level classes at that same university.