Millsaps College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


About half the campus is involved in a Greek organization. That being said, Greek life at Millsaps is a bit different than Greek life at other schools. The Greek organizations at Millsaps are very commited to community service, participating in several high-profile fundraising events throughout the year. They are also the hub of the social life. I had not intended to rush my freshman year, but once I got on campus, nearly everyone I met and friended was a part of a particular sorority, so I decided to join that sorority. It was one of the best decisions I made at Millsaps. I met my best friends that way, and gained valuable life experience in the process. Guest speakers/lecturers are frequent and are well-attended. Theatre is extremely popular, and the college has an excellent theatre program. I went to nearly every play, and some twice! Sports programs are not extremely well attended, but people do go. More people play sports than attend them. I also met a lot of great friends playing tennis. A lot of the social scene takes place off campus, though. The local coffee shop is a hot spot, as are several bars and restaurants in the area.


Reach out! Go the extra mile! Make yourself get involved! And at the same time seek God's will for your life. Find a good Bible believing Bible teaching church in Jackson and get involved. Grow in your faith as you expand your mind in the understanding of this great world that God has created.