Milwaukee Area Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This college is great for a person looking for a community college rather than a univeristy. At a community college you don't dorm so you can still live with your parents until the age of 30 (lol). I chose this college for my associate's degree in Culinary but I will be transfering to another college (univeristy) after I graduate at MATC.


good student and study hard.


Any person looking to better themselves, and get an education for a better future should consider this school. It doesn't matter how young or old if you are looking for a technical program or an associate's degree this school would be a great school to look into.


The type of person that should attend Milwaukee Area Technical College is intelligent. They should want to take college level courses that are affordable. They should want to have work hard to recieve his/her associates degree.


Anyone who would like to succed in life. anyone who would like to have a better quality of life in the future. MATC has many careers to choose from and the staff are very friendly. They are willing to help you everytime you need help or have a question. It has Many sports to choose from in case someone is interested in a sport and it is also very affordable.