Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Top Questions

Describe how Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design looks to someone who's never seen it.


The Art Institute of Wisconsin is a refreshingly new, up to date, and different than any other school I have seen.


Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design is a great school that broadens your understanding of the visual arts and expands your artistic abilities.


MIAD is a prestine, artistic school that pushes you to do and produce your best work, making you strong as an individual.


Fun, engaging place where you are free to let your imagination take physical form.


MIAD is very accepting and extremely individual.


Its just a bunch of art fucks trying to make the big bucks someday, and its amazing.


A community of artists working to find their strengths and voices.


Amazing as far as how far you can come in such a short period of time, great community and very fun and knowledgeable faculty.


Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design is a group of students and faculty that come from very different backgrounds united with a common goal of creating art.


the people suck (by this I mean the student body), but the education is great and will look great on a resume'.