Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design?


An enterprising studing who's creative and loves art. It is really hands on and it has a good student/teacher ratio.


Someone who attends this school should be comfortable with expressing themselves through various materials, whether it be through artistic means, writing, or whatever they prefer. Students who like to talk to their teachers on a personal basis everyday and who strive to make personal connections with instructors and students should attend MIAD. Most of all, students who yearn to be surrounded by people who truly care about their future and their ability to express themselves should look into this school.


The people that attend MIAD are a vast array of energetic, passionate and talented individuals. It's these qualities that I believe make the right person to be attending this school and adds to the overall energy and passion within it. Everyone is caring and kind and willing to lend a hand, we're all like a little family. Especially since the attendance is no more that 700 students. It lets us bond more than we ever could in any other setting, which allows this raw talents and energy to bounce off each other, and evolve into something greater.


Artsy, creative, open-minded, determined, focused, laid-back, hard-working. Someone who wants to have fun and be themselves.


Someone who is willing to work hard who knows what they want out of their education.


A creative person who is willing to work very hard. He or she must be creative 24/7.