Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I start school on July 11th so I do not know yet.


The school could use a little more orginization in the Financial Aid office. I have heard students complain about how tuition payment plans and certain fees are unclear. I, myself, have been slightly frustrated with the "sallie mae" online payment plan site they use.


The only thing I can find to be a frustrating matter presented by my school is just the cost. School is EXPENSIVE, and I wish it wasn't so sometimes simply because it would make the process of attending it less daunting if I didn't have to sign my soul away to a bank for loans. Luckly, my school has helped with some aid and resources, which I appreciate, I'm just still trying to scrape together some extra money I can use toward my education.


The fact that it takes forever to get any records for insurance purposes and any other purpose fromt the offices. The Advising office tells you one thing and you find out another. The offices seem very unorganized. There is hardly any parking available for commuters and can be very frustrating.


Some of the meals are not so great. If you are a quiet person, like myself, you are expected to speak up a lot during critiques and discussions. Although this helps me to overcome my shyness, I am still frustrated with the concept.


time, high drop out rate


The amount of time and effort that you are expected to put into school.