Milwaukee School of Engineering Top Questions

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My school is relatively small compared to the more popular schools who excel in engineering and science. We are small, in the middle of downtown Milwaukee, and have some of the best facilities in the country. The class sizes are small and the system produces competent, smart, and prepared students. What sets us apart could be what makes us so good at what we do. The people know what they are doing, and if you can survive the tough curriculum, you will be successful.


Milwaukee School of Engineering has an outstanding job placement rate and prepares you thoroughly for the future.


The Milwaukee School of Engineering is unique in the fact that the class sizes are so small. On average, classes will have anywhere between 15 - 30 people. The proffessors get to know the students well and are easy to get any needed help from. The learning environment is just fantastic. I feel that I would not learn as easily if I went to lectures with a hundred plus people.


It is fast paced, and no time to waste. Here you put five years of schooling into four, but it will be worth all of the extra effort needed to graduate.


The best thing about MSOE is the small class sizes, which offer excellent student/professor relationships. Another unique component, is the amount of laboratory work you do. There are plenty of opportunities to do hands on learning.


Milwaukee School of Engineering is on a Tri-mester system that forces the classes to be fast-paced and rather challenging. MSOE also has a graduation guarantee. It's registrars office will personally make sure that you get the credits you need to graduate in the minimum time required by your major. This may even include opening a new section of a class just so you can receive the credits. MSOE is also a very prestigious degree to have when entering the workforce.


extreme academic focus


Milwaukee School of Engineering upholds its prestigious academic standards. If you're willing to work hard, you will most likely graduate with a degree that you're proud of and that will get you placed into a rewarding career. MSOE doesn't have the greatest night life, when you're here you're focused mostly on school. However, UWM and Marquette Universities are in walking distant. Located in downtown Milwaukee, MSOE will also give you a feel of city living, whether you like it or not.