Milwaukee School of Engineering Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I can't think of one thing I consider bad about the school.


Milwaukee School of Engineering has a terrible housing facility. The dorms are not an ideal place to live for a year. The bathrooms are small and disgusting. Cleaning people do not come as much as they should. Also, the elevators break on a regular basis. A food plan is required for those who live in the dorms, but majority of the food is terrible. It is not fresh and the selection is quite small.


The Crazy fast pace which translates in an enormous workload. for obvious reasons


The worst thing about MSOE is the requirement that freshmen and sophomores who live more than 50 miles away live in the dorms. Financially, the dorms are a worse deal than finding an apartment. Socially, the dorms are great; it's fairly easy to find friends. It would be much better, though, if the choice was left up to students.


I will never understand why we are awarded less credits than the ammount of hours we are in class. For example i have a six hour per week physics course that only counts for four credits.


For all its worth, the cafeteria food is completely aweful and the price paid for it is is at least 3 times the amount we are allowed to spend ($7.50 is paid for every $2.50 spent in the cafeteria/roscoes/skylight)


It is small so the opportunity to meet someone new at school is small.


The students have to take all these extra class that they really don't need in for their major. Why should business majors have to take chemistry?


Having tri-mesters because so much information is thrown at you so fast, and there is a 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} drop out rate and most of your credits dont transfer because MSOE uses tri-mesters


kids suck, no social life or girls


Social life. There aren't very many young women but it is slowly getting better. Some of the people might as well be robots or computers. Others are cocky naive etc. When you find a cool person work out together and you'll be fine.


Male to female ratio


The worst thing about the school is the male to female ratio. There are many males in the school compared to females mostly because engineering is stereotyped as a male dominate career.