Milwaukee School of Engineering Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school would be that the campus is a bit spread out with non school buildings mixed in with school buildings.


Some of the teachers inability to teach the material well. The work load is very heavy. The cafeteria food and housing is below average


The most frustrating component of my school is the cost. 35k a year isn't cheap...


The most frustraing thing about my school would have to be the pace of coursework but is also a nice thing when you get to cover and leran so much.


We have tri-mesters so the school is very fast pace and drains you, and you have a least one test every other week. I pay about $25,000 dollars a year all by financial aid, which is rediculous compared to other colleges.


I feel like everything is being shoved down my throat. There are times which can be stressful do to the amount of work at any given time. The lack of females at my school is kind of depressing too.


The hardest part about MSOE is the amount of work. MSOE is on the trimester system so professors have to cover a lot of material in only ten weeks. But if you want to be an engineer you have to be prepared to work hard.


The labs here are so involved. Sometimes it seems that there isn't enough time to complete everything