Milwaukee School of Engineering Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to MSOE, I wish I would have known how cooperative the professors are. I was honestly scared to attend any of my classes because I thought that the professors would be mean and strictly there to teach. Fortunately, I discovered that most professors just want the best for their students and are very understanding of different situations.


The extensive of workload I would be recieving


I wish I would have known all the minors that were available, and also all the things available to stuents in the Kern Center, such as intramurals and workout equipment.


How to acess things better such as the laptops they gave ups. How to use the global network so we can stay connected at school.


I wish I would have known that Proffessors expect you to know everything before their class. I thought i would be able to go to college and learn in class what I didnt know before but I was wrong. The less you know the more behind you are and the extra studying on your own there is to do.


That I would not be able to study abroad through my program.


How expensive it Is!


The way they grade, only 10 Percent of the people in a class can get A's. wish I had known about the exchange programs earliers on.. I would have wanted to go to the czech republic or to germany. I


I wish I knew how much it really costs to go here with all the extra added expenses of living and food. Also, I wish I knew how hard it was to have a job and still go to classes and do well. There is not enough time which makes you more succeptible to taking out more loans.


I wish I knew how much it snowed.


Just exactly how hard it really is.


I wish I had had know just how hard it was going to be to be a college student. It is a lot harder than high school and you cannot just breeze your way through.


I wish i would have challenged myself more academically in high school. Since I didn't challenge myself the transition was very difficult and is reflected in my GPA.