Milwaukee School of Engineering Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best part about my school is the certainty. I know that if I work hard and do what the teachers and advisors expect of my, I will be successful. In a world where many college graduates can’t find jobs, I get comforted by the thought that if I put in the effort and time, I can be successful. That’s what I like about MSOE.


The class sizes are small. This allows for the professors to give you one on one insturuction more often than at a larger school. You will find that at MSOE a lot of the professors acutally care about teaching you. They will work with you to try to help you better understand things.


The best thing about this school is the job placement and opportunities after graduation. This school also offers a high quality eduaction. This is important becasue your education will determine what the rest of your life consists of.


The best thing about my school would be the fact that it's a hands-on learning style, and that's the best way I understand things and learn. And having a hands on learning style helps you later in your career, because you know what your supposed to be doing, instead of just hearing about it.


The best thing about Milwaukee School of Engineering is the close relations between students and faculty. Students can readily get help in any class that they need help in and faculty makes themselves very available to help their students. Professors are willing to help students to help them pass their class and understand the material they are given.


Great location, compact campus, wonderful reputation: all of these things are true about MSOE and countless other universities around the globe. But what MSOE has that consistently eludes other schools can be summed up in a single word: future. This is not to say that its best attribute is its extraordinary placement rate--though it has one of the highest--nor that it prepares you for your future profession--though it certainly does. No, MSOE allows students a rare peek through the looking glass into a world of possibility, problem solving, and creativity. A future of their own design.


It has a lot of classes focusing on application and also has the highest starting & mid-career salaries in Wisconsin.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes. Small class sizes allow students and teachers to better engage with each other and there is more opportunity for students to ask questions and learn better. Also, teachers have the chance to attend to all of their students during office hours and students get a lot of benefit out of office hours with their proffessors.


The best thing about my school is the strong learning environment that is fostered here. I know my teachers want me to succeed, so that gives me the energy to try my best. I want to make them, myself, and my family proud.


After graduation the placement rate is 98 percent, with most placement in very well paying jobs.


Career placement.


I consider the best thing about Milwaukee School of Engineering to be the focus on a real world application of your education. There are many advanced laboratories that replicate what you will be using in the industry, and the curriculum is very focused on the engineering field. The location of the school is also perfect for those students who wish to get an internship to gain even more experience in their field. I believe that this is the best thing about Milwaukee School of Engineering because it gives you the comfort of knowing you will be prepared for your career.


Small classrooms and great interaction between student and professor. Lots of labs and projects that give you real experience related to your classes.


If you can make it through(it's crazy intense) you've got a job garunteed. The placement is in between 98-100 percent for all majors. The whole point of college is to get a degree to further your life, to allow you to get a better job. MSOE does this without a doubt.


Milwaukee School of Engineering is known for having a placement rate of 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, and that was a big thing that brought me to this school. Having the cnofidence of finding a job when i graduate means a lot to me, and to many others attending this school. The trimester system is used, so students are able to start major oriented courses right away, and see that it is the field they would like to do, and obtain a career in that field, inlike many other colleges, whose tracks are filled with genereal classes, and not major oriented.


I believe that the best thing about this school is the close interaction with the proffessor and student. Every proffessor i have had still knows my name and asks how I am doing and some even ask what I wish they would have taught us more of.


I would consider the job placement rating the best part of Milwaukee School of Engineering. That's definitely the reason I'm in college after all.


The job placement rate is amazing and this is what attracted me to the school. The technology program and labs are cutting edge for the theory you learn in the classrooms. When you graduate there is no learning curve from school to the work force. The small class sizes allow you to get one on one learning.


urban location, small classes


I consider the small class sizes to be the best part about MSOE. I have had only one lecture class during my time at MSOE and every other class has had the same amount of people as a class that I would have had in high school. This gives a very personal feeling with the professors (who are actually professors by the way, there are no TAs) and allows for some very intellectual class sessions. Especially in classes that are difficult it helps to have professors that know the names of the students (very similar to high school).


MSOE will prepare you for the engineering world (I can only speak for the engineering department). Everyone, students and professors, all work together to help the students succeed.


Great coursework and amazing undergraduate degree programs because the job placement rate is very high.


The career placement here is incredible. You get to start learning career related topics first term of freshman year. The class size is small enough to get a 1 on 1 feel with the professor to make sure that you learn the material.


The best part may be the variety of extra-curricular activities to give students an outlet from the focused and demanding class material.