Minneapolis College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students are very intelligent, and exceptionally mature. It's a very optimistic community.


Decent at what they do.


All of the majors are based on fine art or design, so regardless of what a classmate's major is, there is always some overlap, allowing you to understand their interests; students here are also more than willing to share techniques they learn only in their majors to others, such as web design or bookmaking techniques with each other. This allows students to learn valuable techniques without taking an actual course outside of their major.


My Classmates are full of wonder and imagination about the amazing world of art and design. They are a wonderful group of fresh minds that always inspire new ideas and feed off eachothers positive energy to generate new works of art.


My classmates know they want to invole the arts within their lives, but they are unsure how to reach toward that goal. Most of them come from wealthy families from out of the state and cannot adapt well to the cold weather. Very few of the students stay up all night to get their homework done just to speak past the competition, where most of the other students drink, party and bullshit their way to success.


At times they can be a little clique-y but ultimately most of them are truly hard working, goal and detail oriented individuals.