Minneapolis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The expenses-- otherwise it's truly a great school to be at if you're an aspiring designer/artist.


The worst thing about my college is the amount of work the professors give you. It is intense, laborious, and frustrating, but the end result always makes up for it because it is truly satisfying to see how all of your hard work really pays off. Sometimes it is hard to manage all of the things they expect from us students, but through time you learn how to manage and appreciate it all.


The MCAD bubble.


The inconsistency of the classes offered and the differences between instructors teaching the same course materials.


The part of Minneapolis the college is located in is not a great neighborhood. In fact, two alumni students living in the immediate neighborhood have been killed since I started attending college. I cannot leave any valuables in my car, nor can I walk the streets in the middle of the day without feeling paranoid. Our campus security is actually the MIA security, which is attached to the college, but their efforts are not always enough to stop crime which happens on the campus.


The organization here can be lacking , expecially when working with the financial aid department. My biggest problem so far has been trying to study abroad. There are programs offered for BFA students, but the Bachelor of Science students are left to their own devices to find a university abroad that is appropriate. There is a lot of bouncing back and forth between offices, too, since it seems like communication about the BS program doesn't exist within the rest of the school. Also, tuition is really high and it's hard to find the money to keep studying here.