Minneapolis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Do not attend if you are looking for a lot of guidance with assignments. This is why this is truly an art school. Creativity is in the hands of the students.


A noncreative, all exclusive person would not attend this school. MCAD is an art school and it is filled with the most eccentric people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. In order to attend this school, not only do you have to be creative and excellent at art, but you have to be open minded, accepting, and willing to embrace art completely because after all, MCAD is a place for students who are serious about their future career in the arts field.


A very self-motivated person. Someone who really LOVES the art. Because with an arts education it?s all what you make it. You have to want to go that extra mile. To not sleep in order to make you 3-d sculpture even better. And go a bit hungry so you can buy the right materials. Also, you should process the ability to think conceptually and also be very open to new ideas and mediums.


Most of the students at MCAD take their work and their education very seriously. The college costs more than many other schools and the students who attend here are aware of that. The fact is that the teachers at this school are recognized professionals in their field. By attending this school, a student is saying s/he is serious about receiving an education and a career in art or design. Any student who is lazy, chooses not to study, or who is more focused on partying than on getting their homework done will not pass at this school.


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