Minneapolis Community and Technical College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Determined, intelligent, team players.


My classmates are strong willed and determined.


I would say that my classmates are very diverse and like the people i went to high school with. Very down to Earth people.


My classmates are very diverse. I absolutely love that about MCTC. I grew up in Iowa and the number of minority students were very small. Now I go to school where multiple languages are spoken and I am able to learn first hand about different cultures as opposed to strictly from a classroom.


My classmates are young and old students from, quite literally, around the world and from all walks of life that are here in this "melting pot" of a school to understand their place in the world and be a part of another person's cultural or sub-cultural experience that they could not find in any other part of the U.S, as well as learn from professors who are just as diverse as they are.