Minneapolis Community and Technical College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the teacher to student ratio at my school. The teachers are fully dedicated to the students and set them up for success.


It is a very diverse school and it is peacefull.


well, when i first say i go to college, the first question is allways " oh yah what college", its simple and i say " mctc" minneapolis community college, is one of the best college i had yet been in, i was at saint paul college, then transfered to century thinking it was better, then realize i should be close to home, and i looked, for whta colleges i could advance in, and this college, as expecially, the people, then i tell them all this, and they them slefs are stunded, i have now 10 friend that go here instead of there.


My school is a convieniant way to attend college and work full time. The classes are flexible and the campus is close to home.


I love to tell my friends that my school has one of the best locations in Minnesota. Minneapolis Community and Technical College is located right in downtown Minneapolis. It is close to so many different businesses and nonprofits that finding opportunities to volunteer or intern with a possible future employer is simple. Because it is so centrally located, there is also a very diverse population of students. You will never feel odd or out of place at this school because there is a mix of students that you can share similar interests with or learn from people different than you.