Minneapolis Community and Technical College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Students who are there for the wrong reasons (ie social playtime, financial aid money, not having a clear idea of what they want to do just in school because they think they should be;) and are thus a distraction to those of us who really want to excel at pursuing our education. The second worst thing is some of the staff that is tenured and not fully engaged and passionate about their position facilitating the acquisition of knowledge. And third, being in the middle of Minneapolis, it can attract some unsavory random characters from around the city


Parking in the parking lot is by far the worst thing about my school. I arrive at around 10:15am to get to my 10:30am class, and always show up late because the parking lot is jammed. Not to mention it's $5 to park for those of us to don't always have $20 readily available to put on a parking card!


I went to the school's websight and saw that their graduation rate is only 9%. That was disturbing and kind of a let down to know that so many students fail that go there. Makes me think that people are going there for the wrong reasons.


I don't really know the school that well, but I'll have to say location. Why? because it's in downtown area and parking is scarce while traffick is so busy that it's hard to get to it.